Why Are Swim Spas So Expensive?

If you have been considering buying a swim spa, you may be wondering why there is such a difference in prices and why some swim spas are so expensive. For starters, there can be a major difference between brands, technology, and quality. Also, it isn’t just the price tag on the swim spa that you need to consider as there are several other costs which you will incur as well.

Purchasing a swim spa is an investment. Cheaper models may initially look enticing; however, they are often quick to break down and can rack up costs for expensive repairs. Another factor to consider is the quality and workmanship of the swim spa, which will cost less to operate and maintain over the long run.

To get an overall picture of how much a quality swim spa model costs, it is important to understand the three major components that contribute to the swim spa price tag. These are the purchase price, the cost of installation and the ongoing maintenance costs. Find out more below what to expect cost-wise when buying a swim spa and why some models may seem expensive.

Typical Swim Spa Price

The average cost for a swim spa can range from about $7,000 for a lower end model to over $30,000 for a high-end, fully customized swim spa packed with features. While it is true that swim spas are not cheap and are a significant investment, they are still only about half the price of what it would cost to install a traditional fibreglass backyard pool.

Delivery & Installation

The delivery and installation cost of your swim spa can vary greatly depending on the type of home you have, the layout of your yard and how you would like to install your swim spa. It is important to not assume that the delivery fee includes the cost of installation, as these are two very different things. Delivery will get the swim spa from the dealer to your home, installation after delivery is another cost and may require an entirely different team of contractors and electricians.

Maintenance Costs

The ongoing maintenance costs of your swim spa include cleaning products, water chemicals, replacing filters and utility bills for water and electricity consumption. You should be able to get a pretty solid expectation of what your average monthly maintenance costs will be by asking your dealer about your specific model.

The Swim Spa Advantage

In addition to being much cheaper than installing a backyard pool, swim spas have another advantage and that is that they can be used year-round. This can make a swim spa have a much better return on investment compared to only being able to take advantage of a pool in the warmer months of the year.

Maintenance is also a breeze with swim spas and many models are self-cleaning. On average, with a quality model, less than half-an-hour a week is needed for any type of routine maintenance. The cost for chemicals, water and electricity are less due to a swim spas compact size.

Cheap vs. Expensive

Cheaper models typically use more chemicals and electricity, are not self-cleaning and have parts and components that fail sooner. Often, by choosing the cheaper model over the ‘expensive’ one, you will end up spending more over the next few years than what you saved on the price tag.

To find the best deal on a quality swim spa that is right for you, talk to your dealer. They can help you find the best model with the features that are right for your needs and lifestyle. A swim spa doesn’t have to be super expensive because of add-ons you don’t need. The important part is paying for quality where it matters such as the design, insulation and water jets.