Our Pricing

We know how confusing it is trying to figure out what is required to have a Hot Tub or Swim Spa installed in your back yard.

That’s why at Zorra Hot Tubs & Swim Spas we hope to educate you and clarify any questions you might have.

How Much Does a Spa Installation Cost?

We believe in transparent pricing. That’s why we try to outline everything in a non-biased and straightforward manner. Zorra does not have general contractors or electricians on staff, thus we are not able to construct concrete pads or decks to install the spa on, or install the electrical wire.

Below are 4 different examples of typical Spa installations that we run into most frequently.


Basic DreamMaker Installation

Item Budget
DreamMaker Comfort 2000s $5,995
Standard Delivery Included
Cover Included
Premium Water Care Kit Included
On Site Training Included
12 Foot GFCI cord Included
Existing Flat Patio Pre-Existing
Electrical Installation Plug & Play

Estimated Total Project Cost ~$6,000 + HST


Advanced DreamMaker Installation

Item Budget
DreamMaker Crossover 740L $8,690
Lighting & Waterfall Package Included
Standard Delivery Included
Suite Package $1,324
Cover & Lifter Included in Suite
2 Tier Spa Step w/ Handrail Included in Suite
Premium Water Care Kit Included
On Site Training Included
50A GFCI Breaker w/ Panel ~$300
8′ x 8′ Patio Stone Pad ~$1,600
Electrical Installation ~$2000 to $4000

Estimated Total Project Cost ~$14,800 + HST


Basic Hydropool Installation

Item Budget
Hydropool Serenity 6600 $9,795
Standard Delivery Included
Cover & Lifter Included
2 Tier Spa Step Included
Premium Water Care Kit Included
On Site Training Included
40A GFCI Breaker w/ Panel Included
7′ x 7′ Concrete Pad ~$2,000 to $3,000
Electrical Installation ~$1,000 to $3,000

Estimated Total Project Cost ~$15,500 + HST


Advanced Hydropool Installation

Item Budget
Hydropool Signature 670 $13,795
Platinum Massage Package ~$3,500
Lighting & Waterfall Package ~$1,600
Standard Delivery Included
Covana OASIS Cover $11,895
2 Tier Spa Step Included
Covana Installation Included
Premium Water Care Kit Included
On Site Training Included
50A GFCI Breaker w/ Panel Included
10′ x 10′ Concrete Pad ~$4,000 to $5,000
Electrical Installation ~$2,000 to $4,000

Estimated Total Project Cost ~$39,200 + HST


Basic Swim Spa Installation

Item Budget
Hydropool 13FFP AquaPlay $23,795
Delivery to Location Included
Crane Lift Into Backyard ~$1,000 to $3,000
Rollaway Cover Included
Premium Water Care Kit Included
On Site Training Included
50A GFCI Breaker w/ Panel Included
8′ x 14′ Concrete Pad ~$3,000 to $5,000
Electrical Installation ~$1,000 to $3,000

Estimated Total Project Cost ~$32,800 + HST


Advanced Swim Spa Installation

Item Budget
Hydropool 16EX ExecutiveTrainer $44,753
Lighting & Waterfall Package ~$2,600
Delivery to Location Included
Crane Lift Into Backyard ~$1,000 to $3,000
Covana LEGEND 16 Cover $17,168
Covana Installation Included
Premium Water Care Kit Included
On Site Training Included
60A GFCI Breaker w/ Panel Included
10′ x 20′ Concrete Pad ~$4,000 to $6,000
Electrical Installation ~$2,000 to $4,000

Estimated Total Project Cost ~$74,900 + HST

What Is Included?

At Zorra, we sell and service Hot Tubs and Swim Spas manufactured by Hydropool in their Mississauga facility, as well as DreamMaker in the USA. With a Spa from Zorra, you’re making a commitment to health and wellness, as well as joining the Zorra family.

In order to maintain our high standards, being involved at every stage is crucial to our care of you and your spa.

Our Prices Include:

  • Your Hydropool or DreamMaker Spa
  • Standard Delivery
  • Accessory Kit (Cover & Cover Remover, 2 Tier Spa Step, Premium Water Care Kit, GFCI Breaker)
  • On-site Training

So when you buy from Zorra, we look after virtually everything for you – all you need to do is have a support pad prepared, have it wired, and fill it with water.

What You Get For Your Money

A Quality Spa

We only sell premium North American made spas, Hydropool is made in Mississagua Ontario, and DreamMaker in the USA. Hydropool is Canada’s leader in Hot Tubs and Swim Spas, and DreamMaker offers the best value spa in the business. Zorra has been working with Hydropool since 2010, and DreamMaker since 2022, and we have been growing ever since.

First Class Customer Service

When you make a purchase at Zorra you get more than just the highest quality spa on the market. You have immediate access to our wealth of accumulated knowledge, experience and expertise in helping decide which model, set, or part, is best for you. Because your time is better spent doing what you enjoy with family and friends, the Zorra customer service team is always available for maintenance and servicing your product.

Delivery & On-Site Training

Delivery and on-site training are included in our pricing because we believe the installation of your spa is just as important as the spa itself. Here at Zorra we don’t believe in curbside delivery, leave the heavy lifing to us!

Deliveries, installations, and service are the sole responsibilty of our service team – it’s their job to make sure your spa is up to the Zorra standard. They take your backyard spa ideas and make them into something dreams are made of!

Derek and Kaiden are our primary delivery and service team, but occasionally when we’re busy our sales team consisting of brothers David and Nick need to get pressed into service for deliveries!


The integrity of who we are and what we stand for is truly demonstrated by how we look after you and your spa AFTER it has been delivered.

There are varying factors of how your Spa will behave over the years – water care is of course big one – there are elements of maintenance that you will be responsible for.

But with Zorra, you are not alone in this journey. We provide you with all the knowledge and expertise required to ensure your Spa lasts a lifetime. Your Hydropool Spa comes with a promise, and that is in essence; if you do your bit, we’ll do ours.

Look after your Spa as we ask and we will look after it too. Once you’re a Zorra Hot Tubber you’re with us for life!

Where Your Money Goes

So you can see what we put into our products, and how we look after our customers. But you might be thinking – okay, but I want to know what I’m really paying for? What factors impact the price?

Well, let’s try and be as transparent as possible.


The lump sum of your dollars are of course going towards the Hydropool or DreamMaker spa itself, but what about things like Automated Covers and accessories?

Hydropool has been manufacturing spas at their Superior Blvd. facility in Mississagua since 1980, and at Zorra we’ve been working closely with Hydropool since 2010.

Although made in the USA, DreamMaker Spas are distributed through Canada just like Hydropool. By working with Canadian manufacturers and distributors, we can avoid many of the pitfalls of importing foreign product. Things like shipping limitations, hefty duty charges, and unfavourable currency exchanges all impact the final retail price, but at Zorra we don’t need to worry about these things, meaning we can keep more money in your pocket all while giving you the best possible product.


What good is a premium spa without a premium installation?

Our company has 4 full time employees, each with a diverse range of skills and talent ranging from technical service, customer relations, and in-depth product knowledge. Around 15% of our total expenses are labour, and although that’s on the high end of the spectrum, for us it’s very important. We are living wage employers, and each individual at Zorra serves an integral role in our ability to succeed, and we strive to improve the quality of life for each person in our Zorra family.

Our Vision

We believe everyone deserves health and wellness.

Originally started in Zorra Township by our grandfather Harry Hough back in 1967, Zorra didn’t originally sell spas, we specialized in other household products like pool tables, appliances, and electronics. Harry’s son Joe Hough brought on spas in the 1990s, and the rest has been history.

One thing that hasn’t changed however is our dedication to bringing you the best selection, services, and prices in the area for the products we carry.

Things Out of Our Control

There are of course a multitude of external factors that can influence price. However, we have managed to work the majority of these fluctuations into our annual price review, things like the cost of materials, labour and wait times. This usually works out around a 3-5% price increase annually on our most common spas – it’s part science, and part wisdom.

Ultimately, we do our best to ensure our relationships with our customers are well looked after. We had some turbulence in the midst of COVID, our supply chains had long delays, but with perserverence and proper management we were able to make it through without too much disturbance.


Do we Offer Financing?

Yes we do! We work with a company called FinanceIt, they are a third party financing company that offers open ended loans at competetive rates. What this means to you is you won’t be penalized for paying the loan off early, statistics show that most loans are paid off in the first 3 years.

Don’t own your own home? No problem, FinanceIt has plenty of options. Find out if you’re approved in seconds. No obligation, no commitment. Subject to credit approval, get a lower payment by choosing FinanceIt.

Our current Finance offers are:

Frequently Asked Questions

You bet. However we’re not like a used car dealership, we’re not into wheelin’ and dealin’. We price all of our spas based on what it costs us to purchase it, and what profit we need to be a sustainable business and pay our employees a living wage.

We DO however work closely with Hydropool to make sure we can offer the best discounts and promotions to best suit your situation. We also have a massive tent sale a few times per year where we offer our best pricing possible under the big top.

Yes! We don’t believe in curbside delivery. All of our Hot Tubs are priced including delivery, that involves us bringing it to your house, getting it into the backyard, and placing it on your support pad. Assuming it is a job that’s doable with our equipement of course, if extras like a crane or extra manpower are required then you would be responsible for them. However we hardly ever run into the need for these extras.

Swim Spas however are a different story, as a crane is needed to get it in your backyard. While we do include the transport to your location, the cost of the crane is up to you. We can, however, coordinate scheduling with the crane operator to make for a seamless delivery.

We’re not sparkies. While we do supply a GFCI breaker with each spa, Zorra does not have a licensed electrician on staff, meaning that we are not able to facilitate the actual electrical hookup of the spa. Things like the cost of copper wire, junction boxes, and labour are your responsibility. Don’t fret if you’re not sure who to call though, we do have a list of recommended electricical contractors we can send over if needed.

Nope. We have 4 full time employees; 2 sales staff, and 2 service staff. None of us have a lick of concrete experience, so you probably wouldn’t want us to build you a pad anyway. We can provide information like dimensions, weight load, and surface finish, but the actual process of having the pad installed is your responsibility. We can provide a list of construction contractors if needed.

Absolutely! We work with a financing company called FinanceIt, they offer excellent customer service and open ended loans. Curious at what your payments would be? Prefer Bi-Weekly over Monthly? Have a look for yourself with our Payment Calculator.

When you purchase a spa, we’ll ask for a 25% deposit on the entire amount, this can be made by any payment method including credit card. Then, prior to delivery we’ll ask for the remaining balance (75%), this payment can be made by anything except a credit card, so things like a bank draft, debit, EMT, cash, finance etc…