Are Swim Spas Dangerous?

If you are thinking about buying a swim spa you may have concerns about whether or not they are dangerous. A swim spa is a great way for the whole family to be active, spend quality time together and have fun. But like all other kinds of standing water areas, there can be some hazards involved. By knowing how you can enhance the safety of your swim spa, you can have peace of mind that your new investment will be safe and secure for the whole family to enjoy.  

In the article below, we will discuss some recommended safety steps that you can take to enhance the safety of your backyard swim spa.


Regardless of whether or not your municipality by-laws require it, the best way to reduce unwanted access to your swim spa and keep children and pets safe is to have a sturdy fence installed. Look for one that is equipped with self-latching gates so that the door will automatically close and lock when released.

Even if your backyard is out of view and you don’t have young kids or pets, fencing around your swim spa is always a good idea to have that extra level of security in keeping unwanted or unsupervised guests out.


Using a secure, lockable cover is another way to greatly enhance your swim spas safety. By always placing the cover on your swim spa when not in use and locking it, you create a barrier that will not only keep children and pets out but will also help keep your spa clean by keeping leaves, dirt and debris out of the water.

An added benefit of having a cover for your swim spa is that they will help trap and re-use heat, keeping your energy bills low.

Motion Detectors and Alarms

Another way of avoiding mishaps is to install a motion detector or alarm that covers the surrounding area of your swim spa. This will trigger a loud noise to alert you should any movement be detected within that area.

General Safety

It is also important that everyone in your family is aware of swim spa safety and what rules to follow when using the swim spa. It should go without saying that children are always supervised when using a swim spa and that the water current is set to a suitable level for their ability.

Make it a point for the whole family to keep the surrounding area clutter free to reduce the risk of slips and falls. Have a rack or cubby holder for people to place towels or water bottles so that they are not lying around the spa deck.

If you allow drinks or food around your swim spa, invest in some outdoor non-breakable patio dishes and glasses. One broken glass in or around the swim spa can cause a nasty cut on someone as well as having to drain, clean and refill your spa.

It is important to understand that swim spas themselves are not dangerous. By following these common-sense safety precautions, you and your family can safely enjoy your new swim spa together.

To learn more about the benefits of becoming a swim spa owner, download a swim spa buyer’s guide