Is a Small Pool Easier to Maintain?

Is a Small Pool Easier to Maintain?

Owning your own swimming pool is amazing. You can swim whenever you want without the need for traveling, paying admission or dealing with crowds of people. But if you ask swimming pool owners about any disadvantages of owning a swimming pool, you’ll often hear that cleaning and water maintenance are the most disliked jobs. Is there any possibility of getting around the work associated with keeping a full-sized pool clean? Is a small pool easier to maintain? If you talk to swim spa owners, you’ll find that the smaller body of water requires much less work. In this article we’ll show how maintaining a swim spa is less hassle than keeping a full-sized swimming pool running.

Skimming, Scrubbing, And Vacuuming

A full-sized swimming pool has a lot of surface area that needs to be regularly skimmed, scrubbed and vacuumed. Skimming debris off the water’s surface is literally a never-ending daily chore. Scrubbing down the pool walls takes a lot of effort that would definitely be noticed if it wasn’t performed regularly. Plus, vacuuming the pool floor requires a long reach and a strong back. A swim spa doesn’t absolve you of all these tasks, but the smaller pool size certainly does make them quicker and easier to carry out.

Water Chemistry

Keeping your water chemistry balanced is a necessity for a clean and healthy swimming environment. That said, the larger volume of water in a full-sized swimming pool takes more time and chemicals to keep things in balance. Water chemistry is just as important in a swim spa but dealing with the smaller body of water makes the process simpler.

Technological Conveniences

Advances in technology have automated many of the cleaning processes associated with swim spas. The more powerful water pumps and smaller volumes of swim spas means the water is passed through the filter system faster and more often than it is in a full-sized swimming pool. Pre filter systems have also made this process more efficient. Compared with full-sized swimming pools, swim spa skimmers are designed for higher uptake which results in more water being cleaned in a shorter period of time. Many of today’s swim spas utilize self-cleaning technologies which reduces the amount of maintenance required.

The Importance of a Regular Maintenance Schedule

Even though a swim spa may be easier to keep clean than a full-sized pool, you’ll still be required to perform some maintenance duties. However, these will be easier if you keep a regular schedule. Always ensure that the water level remains high enough that the skimmer intake is doing its job. A low water level stops the filtration process which is key to keeping the water clean. Test and balance the water chemistry at least once a week – more often if the swim spa is getting a lot of use. Top up the chlorine floats and clean out the skimmer basket. Filters need to be inspected once a month and you should replace the water completely every three months or so.