Why Close a Pool in Winter?

Why Close a Pool in Winter?

Many people who live in areas with cold winters believe that a swimming pool might not be worth the investment. If you can only use the pool for a few months out of the year, then how is it worth it? But why close a pool in winter? Why not use it year-round? The fact is that full-sized swimming pools have too much water to keep properly heated to prevent freezing when the temperatures drop. But there is an answer for those with colder climates who want to swim all year round. That answer is a swim spa.

What Is A Swim Spa?

A swim spa could be considered a combination of a hot tub and a swimming pool. The tank is much smaller than a full-sized swimming pool which allows for easier heating throughout the winter. You can also turn the heater up high to replicate the feeling of a hot tub. A swim spa also generates a current so strong that it will keep a swimmer in place while they perform their strokes. If you have limited space and want to swim all year round, a swim spa could be perfect for you.

Wintertime Insulation

If you plan to use your swim spa throughout the year, proper insulation is a must. There are many lines of swim spas that are insulated enough to properly deal with the harsh Canadian winter. Combine that with a good fitting, thickly insulated cover for when the swim spa isn’t in use and you’ll be all set for year-round swimming.

Heating the Water

Keeping your water heater running during the colder months will ensure that the water doesn’t freeze and cause damage to the swim spa components. It will also reduce your energy bill compared with turning down the heater when the swim spa isn’t in use and bringing it back up to temperature when you’re ready to swim again.

Deep Cleaning

It’s recommended that you give your swim spa a deep clean about every three months. This entails draining the tub, scrubbing it down and refilling it with fresh water. That said, you’ll want to avoid doing this in the middle of a harsh winter. Cleaning your swim spa during freezing temperatures increases the risk of ice forming in the plumbing system and causing irreparable damage. Try to time your cleaning schedule so that it’s done before the colder weather arrives and once again after things start warming up.

Comfortable Winter Use

By winterizing the path leading to the swim spa as well as the area around it you’ll make it much more comfortable, inviting and safe to use during the cold weather season. Keep the pathway free of ice and snow, judiciously place slip-free mats around the swim spa and consider installing some propane-powered outdoor heaters near the entrance.