What Size Should a Backyard Pool Be?

What Size Should a Backyard Pool Be?

Once you’ve decided that you want to install a backyard pool you’ll be faced with a lot of questions. What size should a backyard pool be? Would you be better served by an above ground pool or a swim spa? What needs to be done to prepare the area for installation? To help you answer these questions we’ve come up with an article that will allow you to think through your decision-making process and ensure you end up with the pool that’s ideal for you.

How Big Is Your Backyard?

The size of your backyard will dictate how big a pool you’re able to install. You’ll need to be aware of local regulations regarding the location of the pool relative to your house, property lines, and other existing structures. You should also be aware that a swim spa needs at least two feet of extra space around its perimeter while above ground swimming pools will need even more. Hydropool swim spas range from 12 to 19 feet in length, whereas if you’re planning to swim laps in a conventional, above-ground swimming pool you’ll want something at least 30 feet long. Look at the limitations of the space you have available to help inform your decision.

Landscaping, Decks, And Patios

You’ll need to prepare your property for installation whether you’ve decided on a swim spa or full-sized pool. Depending on the layout of your property, the installation might require heavy-duty equipment to prepare the ground. Make sure you have the room to accommodate and maneuver this equipment. When it comes to decks and patios you should remember that you’ll probably spend more time on them than in the water. Giving yourself enough space for relaxing, entertaining and barbecuing will depend on your personal preferences, but some foresight is required before the installation process occurs.

What Kind of Swimming Will You Be Doing?

There are many different ways to use a swimming pool or swim spa. Competitive swimmers have very different needs for those who consider a swimming pool as a place to relax, socialize and enjoy the sunshine. For a competitive athlete, a swimming pool should be long enough to allow as many strokes as possible before having to turn around. At least 30 feet is recommended, but if you have room for larger you won’t regret it. If you’re planning on installing a swim spa you should make sure the model you choose has a strong enough current generator to keep you challenged. You’ll also need to take into account your body size. Some of the smaller swim spa models may not be appropriate for taller, stronger swimmers. For those who want to lounge, socialize and relax, giving equal attention to the areas surrounding the pool will ensure enjoyment in or out of the water.