Can You Leave Swim Spa Uncovered in Winter?

Can You Leave Swim Spa Uncovered in Winter?

Swim spas are highly versatile units that allow their users to swim as if they’re in a full-sized swimming pool and soak like they’re in a relaxing hot tub. Compared with a full-sized swimming pool, the compact size and the smaller volume of water in a swim spa allows them to be kept warm enough to use all year round. However, if you plan on using your swim spa in the winter there are some precautions you’ll need to take. We’re often asked questions such as, “Can you leave swim spa uncovered winter?” “What should I do to prepare my swim spa for winter? or “What temperature should I keep my water at in the winter?” In this article, we’ll answer all those questions and more.

Covering Your Swim Spa

You should try to keep your swim spa covered any time it’s not in use, no matter the season. However, it’s particularly important in the winter. A well fitted, highly insulated swim spa cover will lower your energy use by keeping heat in the water. It will also prevent snow, dirt and debris from getting into your swim spa which will ensure your water stays fresh and clean for longer. When purchasing your swim spa cover make sure to get one that’s properly fitted and resistant to the worst type of weather your area usually experiences.

Keep Your Heater Running

If you want to use your swim spa year-round you need to make sure the water is never allowed to freeze. Freezing can cause catastrophic damage to the plumbing system and other components. If the swim spa is not in use for longer periods of time you might want to consider closing it down altogether.

Changing the Water

The water in your swim spa needs to be changed on a regular basis to ensure a clean and healthy bathing environment. But if at all possible, you should avoid trying to do this in the middle of the winter. Changing the water when it’s still freezing outside can lead to frozen water and dire problems for your plumbing system. Try to change the water before the seasons change from fall into winter and again when the weather starts warming up.

Keeping the Bathers Safe and Comfortable

Although swimming and bathing in a swim spa in the middle of winter can be a magical experience in and of itself, there are several things you can do to increase the safety and comfort of your winter swim spa users. Being in the water during freezing temperatures is one thing but getting in and out of the water in the depths of winter is another. Make sure to have towels, robes, slippers and head coverings on hand for the trips to and from the house. Ensuring the path between the house and swim spa is kept free of ice and snow will prevent any slips and falls. Other accessories you might want to consider are outdoor heaters, towel warmers and outdoor carpeting around the swim spa. If you’re cranking up the water temperature in the winter, you’ll also need to be mindful of how long you’re spending in the water. The transition from hot to cold can lead to fainting or dizzy spells.