What is Considered a Small Pool Size?

What is Considered a Small Pool Size?

Almost anyone who loves swimming has at some point fantasized about having a swimming pool installed in their own backyard. But in this day and age of urban density and a soaring cost of living, things like space and finances may be so limited that the backyard swimming pool dream seems unattainable. But if you looked into smaller pools you might learn that there’s an option that can fit both your backyard and your budget. We hear you asking, “what is considered a small pool size?” so we’ve come up with an article that offers you some options.

What Are Your Options Beyond A Full-Sized Pool?

Most full-sized backyard swimming pools can be 600 square feet or more. And that is quite often considered too big if you live in a house with a small backyard. But there are other options available to you and your family. Instead, you might want to consider lap pools or swim spa. Although much smaller than a full-sized pool, you’ll still need quite a bit of space to install a lap pool. However, swim spa can give you the best of all worlds. You’ll be able to swim to your heart’s content and relax and soak like you would in a hot tub – all in a fraction of the space used up by a full-sized pool. And as an added bonus you’ll save money on landscaping, installation and assembly.

Swim a Mile Comfortably

If you have limited space in your backyard but are looking to install a traditional swimming pool, you’ll have to compromise by restricting its size. This can cause problems for those who are looking to use their pool for exercise. Consider the fact that if you wanted to swim a mile in a 20-foot long swimming pool, you would need to turn around 260 times to accomplish your goal. With the continuous current of a swim spa keeping you in place while you perform your stroke you wouldn’t need to turn around once over the course of that mile.

A Smaller Footprint with Greater Flexibility

Swim spas not only take up less backyard space, they offer you more options in how they’re used. The swim spa current used to hold a swimmer in place can also be used for body massage. By turning the water temperature up you can replicate the conditions of a hot tub. No matter how hard you run your water heater, you’ll never be able to get a full-sized swimming pool that warm.

Operational and Maintenance Costs

Even with the power needed to generate the swim spa current, the cost of running such a system is almost half of what it costs to keep a full-sized swimming pool going. The larger body of water in a swimming pool requires more chemicals and more physical work to keep things running smoothly. The smaller size of the swim spa also allows for a much more efficient insulated cover that keeps more heat in compared with the covers used on full-sized pools.