What Hot Tub Has the Most Jets?

What Hot Tub Has the Most Jets?

If you’re trying to determine the difference between a hot tub and a tub full of hot water, you’ll ultimately realize the main characteristic that differentiates the two is the jets. Jets are what give hot tubs their characteristic swirling and bubbling water. They’re what provide the relaxing massage that make a hot tub experience more than a simple hot bath. When people are in the market for a hot tub, they often ask the question of what hot tub has the most jets. And while this may seem like a legitimate question, a large number of jets doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be getting a quality hot tub.

A Misleading Sales Pitch

Even though the number of jets says nothing about the quality of a hot tub, you’ll often come across advertising and marketing materials that proclaim a hot tub is a better buy because of a substantial number of jets. Quite often this type of “more is better” sales hype is used to dissuade scrutiny of other more important aspects of proper hot tub function. In reality, you shouldn’t be basing your hot tub purchase solely on the number of jets it has.

Important Hot Tub Jet Criteria

More important than the number of jets are how those jets actually function. Jets come in a variety of different sizes and intensities that are often used for different parts of the body. If a hot tub has an impressive number of jets yet those jets are all at the lower end of the power scale, you’re not going to get a very adequate massage.

Brands like Hydropool and DreamMaker are good examples of spas that have a good balance of jet placement, style, and power.

Similarly, if every jet in the hot tub is the most powerful available on the market, you’re not going to be very comfortable when your neck is being blasted by a current of water that’s really designed for your thighs. Having a variety of properly placed jets is more important than the number or sheer force.

Being able to adjust the direction and intensity of the jets in your hot tub will also play a role in the quality of your soak. Many of the better models have different massage zones that allow you to move from seat to seat as part of a massage circuit that works different parts of your body with a variety of jet placements and strengths.

  • Type of jet
  • Location of jet
  • Adjustability of jet
  • Jet pump power

What Hot Tub Has the Most Jets?

So, in the end, the actual number of jets is much less important than their placement, power, adjustability, and specificity. There are many cheap, low-quality hot tubs on the market that boast an impressive number of jets, but whether they’ll provide an effective and comfortable soak is another matter altogether. When you’re shopping for a hot tub, avoid the marketing hype of large numbers of jets and look more closely at their performance, function, placement, and adjustability. The quality of your soaking experience will depend on it.