Will a Hot Tub Increase a Homes Value?

Although there is no single rule or calculation for how much investing in a hot tub may increase the value of your home, there are a number of factors to consider. Even in circumstances where a hot tub may not increase property value, they do have some other added benefits such as creating interest in your listing and potentially attracting more buyers. In the article below, we will look at the different ways that a hot tub may increase a home’s value.

Calculating the Value of Your Hot Tub

Once your hot tub has been installed, the best way to calculate a ballpark estimate of its value is to consult a professional home appraiser. Real estate professionals have detailed knowledge of home value trends in different neighborhoods and will also be likely to know the number of homes in your area which may be comparable and have features like hot tubs or spas. In a circumstance where your home is one of the few that has a hot tub, chances are it will increase the value of your home and on the flip side, if there were numerous homes in your neighborhood that had hot tubs and yours did not, it could actually detract value from your home.


Many hot tub models are portable can easily be moved to a different area or new home. For this reason, portable hot tubs may not add value, especially as potential buyers may assume that the owner of the home will take the hot tub with them when they move.

Permanent or in-ground hot tubs (which sit in the ground, similar to a swimming pool), as well as built-in portable models, may add real value to your home. Especially when incorporated with patios, custom decking or additional outdoor features, having a hot tub is a luxury and can be an attractive feature for buyers on the right market.


Properly maintaining your hot tub and keeping it in pristine condition will help increase the value of your home when you sell. Understandably, a worn, damaged or cracked hot tub is much less appealing to a buyer than a new one or one that is in nearly new condition. If your hot tub has seen some wear and tear over the years, it might be worth considering refurbishing the exterior or completing any necessary repairs. The cleanliness of your hot tub is also incredibly important. A dirty, unhygienic or improperly maintained hot tub may turn off buyers.

Selling Tips

Any realtor will advise you that one of the most important aspects of selling your home for maximum value is staging. Carefully planned staging helps to positively reflect a home’s potential to prospective buyers and help the home sell itself. If you own a hot tub, make sure not to overlook this powerful selling feature and ensure that it is properly staged to set your home apart from the rest.

A beautifully landscaped hot tub area will leave a positive impression on buyers. Before showing your home, make sure to:

● Landscape around your hot tub

● Ensure that the water is clean and crystal clear

● Remove any surrounding debris

● Have a quality cover that is aesthetically pleasing

In the end, if you are concerned about how much value a hot tub will bring to your home, speak to your local hot tub dealer. They can recommend different models and installation options which may be more enticing to buyers. Also, consider how long you are planning on staying in your home – if you are not planning on moving for several years, the wonderful health and relaxation benefits of being a hot tub owner can be far more important than what the potential financial return may be.

To learn more about the wonderful benefits hot tubs have to offer, download a hot tub buyer’s guide from our main page.