Will a Hot Tub Fit Through My Door?

Choosing where to put your hot tub is one of the first decisions that you need to make before you decide which hot tub model to purchase. If you want to have an indoor hot tub, space is one of the most important considerations. Often, people will wonder if a hot tub will fit through their door and it is critical that the proper measurements are taken to ensure that the hot tub will safely fit through your door frame.

Read below to find out exactly what you need to consider before purchasing a hot tub for inside your home.

Door Frames

While a sunroom or garage are usually easy to fit a hot tub through the door, other areas may be more difficult. For an average sized hot tub, you will need a door frame that is at least 33” wide and 80” tall to ensure proper clearance. If you are in the construction phase of your home, installing french doors are a perfect way to allow plenty of room to get your hot tub to its desired location inside.


Before installing an indoor hot tub, it is important to have a professional inspect where you would like it installed to ensure that you have an adequate foundation and support. The floor surface needs to be strong enough to not only support the weight of the hot tub itself but the additional weight of when it is filled with water and has bathers in it – which can easily reach over 3,000 pounds!


Hot tubs produce steam and humidity which can form condensation if your room is not properly ventilated. Having the proper HVAC systems or fans will ensure that the humidity produced by the hot tub will be expelled from the room, preventing moisture build up.

It is recommended to use hot tub friendly wall materials such as cement, glass, and tile to prevent damage or rotting to the structure of your home. In addition to the walls, flooring is also an important consideration. Installing a non-slip floor is essential for safety and some flooring choices are just not suitable for a hot tub environment. Take carpet, for example, it can quickly become stained and smell musty after repeated water splashing. Slip-resistant tile, concrete or flooring treated with a waterproof sealant are the best options.

What to Do with Small Spaces

If you are faced with smaller doorways or a staircase that may be difficult for maneuvering a hot tub inside, you do have options. Hydropool has a number of smaller sized hot tub models that can easily fit through small doors and tight spaces, making tough installations possible. These 2-3 person hot tub models are jam packed with features such as personal loungers and non-slip steps built into the interior.

Just make sure that you speak to your local hot tub dealer before making a decision. They are experts and can help you choose the right model that will fit into your home for your to enjoy for years to come. To find out more about the different styles of hot tubs we have available, have a look through our product pages.