Where Can I Buy Swim Spa Accessories?

Where Can I Buy Swim Spa Accessories?

If you have recently purchased a swim spa, you may be wondering where you can buy swim spa accessories. Typically, the dealer you purchased your swim spa from will carry a wide range of accessories and you can also buy them online from your manufacturer. Some people are surprised about just how many swim spa accessories are available on the market. In the article below, we will look at some of the most popular ones.

The Sunbrella

Most people today own split swim spas, meaning that one end features a hot tub area for relaxing. If your swim spa is outside, you want to make sure that you do have some type of protection against the rays of the sun if you are planning on lounging in the water all afternoon. The sunbrella is the perfect solution. It is designed to attach to the side of any swim spa model and will quickly provide the shade you need.

Exercise Bands

You can do more than just swim in a swim spa to workout. Aquatic exercise bands are similar to resistance bands that are used in gyms except these are designed to be used in the water. With exercise bands, you can do a number of motions, including rowing to strengthen and tone all areas of your body.


Actually, in this case, they are called wet bells. Essentially, they are dumbbells that are designed to be used underwater and have a good non-slip grip. Although they may seem extremely light, working out under the water makes the resistance much stronger. Add these to your workout routine to quickly develop toned muscles.


Swim spa tethers are considered the ultimate accessory. Tethers help keep your swim spa workout even more challenging. A tether looks like a belt and is attached from the swimmer’s leg to the end of the swim spa. The additional resistance on top of the normal current flow lets swimmers get a much harder and deeper workout.

Bar Attachment

If your workout for the day has been completed, perhaps it is time to relax with a drink. The smart bar is a neat accessory that attaches to each side of the swim spa, providing a solid, slip-resistant surface to place drinks and cups on.

Towel Rack

Often overlooked, having a clean, dry towel next to your swim spa is perfect for when you get out. No tracking water through your house! The towel bar simply attaches to the side of the swim spa and is a simple luxury that you will wish you purchased sooner.


As swim spas can be deeper than hot tubs and you may be fatigued after working out, having steps is a good safety investment. Adding a set of non-slip steps will ensure that no one accidentally slips and falls getting in or out of the swim spa.

There are still a number of other accessories available. From waterproof games to aromatherapy to waterproof sound systems, if there is something you want to accessorize your swim spa with, chances are it is available.