How to Lower Hot Tub pH

How to Lower Hot Tub pH

Hot tubs do require a certain degree of maintenance, and keeping the water properly balanced and sanitary is one of the most important routine tasks that an owner needs to stay on top of. When the water in a hot tub becomes unbalanced, it can cause damage to the spa seals and gaskets, and can be uncomfortable to use.

To learn more about what steps you need to take to maintain the proper balance of your hot tub water and how to lower the pH level, keep reading below.

Selecting the Proper Chemicals

Be sure to only use proper hot tub chemicals in your spa, some may recommend to use household chemicals like baking soda and muriatic acid, however we strongly recommend against this as it is much harder to regulate. In order to lower both the pH, simply use pH down. Keep in mind that this product will also decrease the alkalinity.

Check Your Measurements

Using name brand test strips or taking a water sample to a retailer is the best way to measure the balance of your water. Off brand or expired test strips can give incorrect readings or false positives, so be sure to use good quality testing equipment.

Adding the Chemicals

Following the label instructions, you will want to add approximately 60g at a time, usually this is around 2 caps. The best practice is to:

  1. Turn the jets on
  2. Gently sprinkle your chemical dosage into the spa near the jets
  3. Let the jets run their 15 minute cycle to best dissolve the chemicals

Use the videos below for more detailed information:

What is Water Care and why is it important?

Water Care is a very important aspect of owning a Hot Tub or Swim Spa, and is often overlooked or even ignored. Here at Zorra we try to make Water Care as simple and easy as possible by offering free water testing using our specialized tools, and by only selling high quality Water Care products. We also endorse the use of Mineral Salts, specifically Aqua Finesse, to further simplify the process and give the water a soft feel, and pleasant smell.

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