What Is the Largest Swim Spa?

What Is the Largest Swim Spa?

While swim spas are known for the compact designs compared to a full sized pool, we are often asked about what the largest swim spa is available. This is a fantastic question! Space savings are not the only reasons to chose a swim spa over a pool. The integrated heaters and powerful swim jets means that relaxing in a hot tub, lane swiming and aquatic exercise can be done year round, even in the cold Canadian winters. This makes a large swim spa a very attractive option when considering that a pool can only be used for about half the year.

Hydropool has four models that feature some of the largest swim spa areas on the market.. The AquaSport and AquaTrainer are both split models, meaning that one end features a hot tub area. This saves space and adds versatility to your backyard. The ExecutiveSport and ExecutiveTrainer feature a slightly larger swim lane area, with the seating area integrated into the main tub. All models measure in at about 19 feet long and 8 feet wide.

The main difference between the Sport models and the Trainer models are the power of the swim jets. The Trainer features more powerful jets for the serious swimmer and can reach swim speeds of 1-11 kp/h. The Sport is capable of swim speeds of up to 5 kp/h.

AquaSport 19 DTAX

This large model is essentially a pool, aquatic workout center, and hot tub all in one, truly offering something for everyone in the entire family. It features dual temperatures, meaning that the swim spa lane area can be kept cool while someone is exercising, and at the same time the seated spa area can have a higher water temperature for relaxation. The AquaSport is one of the largest, most powerful swim spas on the market. It features two AccuFlo jets produce the swim currentcore jet streams, LED lighting, safety steps and is a self-cleaning unit.

AquaTrainer 19 DTAX

This spacious swim spa was designed for fitness enthusiasts and serious swimmers in mind. This swim spa like the AquaSport 19 can also seat four bathers in the hot tub area. It features two patent V-twin jets, each driven by their own powerful motor, which deliver an incredibly smooth flow of water at double the volume of previous currents.

ExecutiveSport 19 EX

The ExecutiveSport 19 features a larger swim area and seating for at least two persons at the end of the tub. It features the same AccuFlo swim jets as the AquaSport 19 and has a specialized non-slip exercise mat that lets you row, run and perform a variety of low impact exercises.

ExecutiveTrainer 19 EX

For those that want the ultimate swimming experience, the ExecutiveTrainer 19 is the way to go, with the same super powerful patent V-twin jets as the AquaTrainer 19, this tub offers the widest, smoothest and most predictable swim in the swim spa industry. Featuring the same non-slip exercise mat at the ExecutiveSport 19, this tub is built for more than just swimming. Perfect for all ages and skill levels to get active.

What is the Average Size Swim Spa?

While models can get as small as just 10 feet, typically the most popular size swim spas are around 14 feet long and 7 feet wide. This size is usually adequate to accommodate several bathers as well as taller individuals comfortably. If you are over 6 feet tall, choosing the smallest swim spa model available will probably seem a bit cramped. If space is a major issue, you may need to settle for a smaller swim spa, however, if you are considering costs, make sure you factor in your comfort as it may be well worth spending a bit more for a larger model.

If you are a competitive swimmer, serious athlete or dedicated to maintaining your wellness, deciding to get a large swim spa is a worthy investment. The convenience of being able to swim, train, exercise, have fun as well as therapeutic hydrotherapy massages in the comfort of your own home and at your convenience is priceless. For those that have young children, having a swim spa is the perfect safe place to teach your kids how to swim and learn about water safety. Plus, with a large swim spa, there is room for the whole family to enjoy.