What Does a Swim Spa Actually Look Like?

What Does a Swim Spa Actually Look Like?

If you have been looking for a way to combine fun and fitness, you have probably heard about a swim spa. But you may be unsure of what a swim spa actually looks like based on its description. Although it has similarities to both a traditional swimming pool and hot tub, it is a very different unit. Keep reading below to find out what you need to know about swim spas.

The Swim Spa Look

As far as a simple description goes, a swim spa is like a blend of a hot tub and lap pool. Common sizes range from 10 to 20 feet long, 5 to 6 feet wide and up to 5 feet deep. They are often installed outdoors on decks, patios, and gardens but can be installed inside as well. In fact, they are often preferred over swimming pools for indoor installations due to their compact size.

The biggest difference between a lap pool and a swim spa is that most swim spas have a split design which features one end that looks and functions similar to a hot tub. It will have a number of therapeutic massage seats, water jets and a higher temperature setting to sit and enjoy a relaxing massage.

What Are Swim Spas Made Of?

The majority of swim spas are made from acrylic shells and some are made from vinyl. Swim spas can be installed in-ground, which look more like a traditional swimming pool or as above ground, self-contained units. They feature a ‘swim current’ which is what makes a swim spa a great place to get a full swim workout in a compact space. An adjustable current flows in the swim area of the spa, creating resistance that keeps a swimmer in place. This eliminates the need to swim laps and have to constantly turn around, making for a very efficient workout.

Benefits of Portable Swim Spas

Portable swim spas are incredibly popular as they are so simple to install and do not require any additional plumbing. Portable units are completely self-contained, meaning that all plumbing, heating, and components are housed within the spa’s cabinet. All that is needed to install a portable swim spa is an appropriate electrical hookup, a nearby water supply, a flat, level surface such as a concrete pad or sturdy deck.

Benefits of In-Ground Swim Spas

In-ground swim spas are typically chosen to create a stunning, seamlessly landscaped appearance that looks similar to a backyard pool. Often a patio or decking area is built around the swim spa shell to design a relaxation area near the spa. While an in-ground installation as more time and costs involved, the end result can be quite stunning.