Sports That Will Benefit from Some Hot Tub Therapy

Hot tubs and their powerful hydrotherapy benefits have long been a secret for athletes as part of their training routine and for muscle recovery. A perfect way to instantly soothe tired, strained or sore muscles, all kinds of athletes look forward to a pre and post workout soak.

In the article below, we will discuss which sports can really benefit from hot tub therapy and what athletic conditions it can help treat.


Running is a fantastic cardiovascular exercise and many people enjoy the rush or ‘runners high’ that goes along with it. Whether you are an athlete that competes in marathons or someone who goes for several mornings runs a week, some hot tub therapy will help. Muscle tension is a common side effect of running, as well as other muscle imbalances such as runners knee. These painful conditions can heal quickly by frequent hot tub soaks, which also help to relieve pressure on joints and increase mobility.


With warmer weather on the horizon, many people will be registering for a summer baseball league. A fun, social sport that also is great cardiovascular exercise, baseball does have its own list of frequent injuries. Knee injuries and torn ligaments are most common, along with rotator cuff tears (especially for pitchers) and typical muscle sprains and strains. Soaking in a hot tub can boost circulation and increase blood flow, helping to heal damaged tissue and muscles quickly.


Hot tub hydrotherapy for athletes that already spend their time in the water? Of course. Although swimming is considered a low impact exercise, athletic injuries are common. The joint most commonly affected is the shoulder and painful inflammation of the bicep tendon. Lower body injuries are also common, which can include back problems, hip pain and inflammation of the hip tendons. Hot tubs powerful therapeutic jets can help target and soothe sore muscles, improving overall injury recovery time.

Applying heat directly after an injury such as a sprain or strain is not recommended, however, after the swelling has decreased, soaking in a hot can help reduce inflammation and aid in injury recovery. The three major sports benefits that using a hot tub can provide are:

Faster healing though powerful hydrotherapy

Helps rehabilitation and recovery of injured muscles
Provides relief to painful and sore muscles after athletic activity
Plus, injuries and sore muscles aside, relaxing in a hot tub is fun! Many athletes have also reported that taking a soak pre-workout helps them relax and focus on their upcoming performance, which mentally prepares them for competition.

Even if you are not involved in organized sports and prefer activities such as daily walks, an occasional yoga class or just simple morning stretches, soaking in a hot tub can help. The buoyancy of the water gives our bodies a weightless feel and any muscle tension just melts away.

Now that you know what sports will benefit from hot tub therapy, download a hot tub buyer’s guide from our Hot Tub page to learn more about massage benefits.