Improve Your Health While Increasing Your Home Value at the Same Time

Whether you have just purchased your first home or are just considering a few upgrades that can add value long term, considering installing a hot tub is an excellent option. Why? There are very few home renovations or upgrades that can also help improve your health while offering a nice return on investment.

Keep reading to find out some of the top reasons that a hot tub you can improve your health while increasing your home value at the same time.

Outdoor Hot Tubs

Often, when people choose to install an outdoor hot tub in their backyard, they incorporate it into some new landscaping upgrades or a newly built deck. At its simplest form, an outdoor hot tub can be placed on a basic concrete slab in the backyard, surrounded by lush vegetation and stylish accessories such as patio lanterns and rock gardens.

Many times, people will build a new deck to extend their living area and as a place for the hot tub. In addition to the benefit of having a deck attached to your home where bathers can easily pop in and out in any weather or season, there are plenty of options for creating a unique outdoor social area. Other than having plenty of seating and space for bathers to move around the hot tub, other popular choices can include installing an outdoor kitchen, tiki bar or fireplace surround.

Indoor Hot Tubs

With an indoor hot tub, homeowners have the benefit of complete privacy while soaking in the comfort of their own home. Usually, an indoor hot tub will be installed in a basement, provided that the room has adequate drainage and ventilation. Common design choices include adding a hot tub to a home gym or spa area with a sauna. Many prospective buyers are attracted to the idea of having a tranquil oasis they can retreat to without having to even step foot outside.

Top Hot Tub Health Benefits

Whether or not you choose to install your hot tub indoors or in your backyard, the health benefits you gain are the same. Soaking in the warm soothing waters of a hot tub after a long stressful day can be the perfect way to relax and take advantage of a number of wellness benefits. Some of the top ones are:

Soaking can help reduce muscle aches and pains
Sitting in a hot tub before going to bed helps improve sleep and aid those suffering from insomnia
Immersing yourself in the warm water of a hot tub is beneficial to your cardiovascular health
The heat from the hot tub’s water stimulates the body’s lymphatic system and helps to flush toxins
Warm water helps to dilate blood vessels, reducing pressure and treating headaches

The relaxing sensation of a hot tub soak can help improve anxiety symptoms

Deciding to purchase a hot tub for your home is an immediate benefit for your health and can be a benefit down the road if you decide to put your home on the market. Check out our Hot Tub page to see which model is right for you.