Outdoor Hot Tub FAQ

If you are considering purchasing an outdoor hot tub for your home, you probably have a number of questions on your mind. In fact, when it comes to hot tubs, questions are indeed a good thing. The more you ask, the more you learn which will lead you to make the best decision possible for your hot tub purchase.

In the article below, we will answer some of the top outdoor hot tub FAQ we get, which will help you find the perfect hot tub for your needs and lifestyle.

How Much Maintenance is Involved?

No one wants to buy a hot tub that will have them spending more time on maintenance than enjoying it. With Hydropool, our innovative technology has eliminated most of the routine maintenance tasks for you. Every 15 minutes, 100% of the water is filtered. Plus, our Safe Water Guarantee skims the surface to remove oil and debris; vacuums dirt from the floor and ensures safe, clean water for you and your family to enjoy – without all of the work! Also, our hot tubs are designed and manufactured with the highest level of quality, ensuring that they are a lasting investment.

That being said, there is no such thing as a maintenance-free hot tub. You will have to regularly test the water and top up chemicals. If you use your hot tub every single day, you can usually average out your weekly maintenance time to less than half an hour.

Can an Outdoor Hot Tub Be Used in the Winter?

Even if you live in a climate where winters are cold and harsh, your hot tub can still be used year-round. In fact, many hot tub owners prefer using their hot tub in the winter versus other seasons. Our durable, locking covers provide exceptional weatherproof protection and help trap heat to keep your energy bill low.

What Needs to Be Done for Hot Tub Installation?

There does need to be some planning and preparation prior to your hot tub being delivered. First, you will need a solid, flat base such as a concrete slab or deck for the hot tub to sit on. It is important to make sure that the base is strong enough to support the weight of the hot tub once filled with water and bathers, as this can be several thousand pounds.

An electrical supply is also required, which should only be installed by a knowledgeable electrician familiar with hot tub installation. Several metres should be left loose to be wired into the hot tub during installation.

Finally, you will need access to a water supply and a garden hose to fill your hot tub.

Is a Plumbing Supply Needed?

Hydropool outdoor hot tubs are self-contained, pre-plumbed units, meaning no pipes or permanent water supply is required.

Where Should I Put My Outdoor Hot Tub?

There are plenty of options and this is really a matter of your personal preference, however, it is suggested to install your hot tub near a door. This makes is much easier (and cheaper) to run an electrical supply and usually means you will be closer to a water supply.

Another benefit to having your outdoor hot tub close to your home is that it will make the trek outside in the winter much quicker. Having to walk through the snow across your lawn in the freezing cold is not something most hot tub owners will enjoy. Keep it close to home and your walk as short as possible!

What Health Benefits Do Hot Tubs Provide?

Hot tubs are well known for their numerous health and wellness benefits. Hydrotherapy and regular use of customizable hot tub massage programs have shown to benefit a number of conditions and ailments including sports injuries, back pain, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, muscle pain, insomnia, anxiety and more. If you are looking to improve your overall wellbeing, an outdoor hot tub is a perfect investment.

Hopefully, now you have the answer to most of the hot tub questions you had on your mind. For anything else, just reach out and ask your local dealer. To learn more about the features of our hot tubs, download a buyer’s guide.