Can an Indoor Hot Tub Be Used Outside?

If you are thinking about investing in a hot tub, one of the first decisions you need to make is whether or not you will install it indoors or outdoors. While both have advantages, the decision can largely come down to how much space you have inside or outside of your home.

Often, people assume that they must purchase either an indoor or an outdoor hot tub. The good news is that the Hydropool Self-Cleaning and Serenity models are designed to be used inside or outside. These can be installed in your basement, a large bathroom spa area, on your deck, in your garden or anywhere in between. Another benefit to having this type of versatility is that although moving a hot tub is no easy task, your indoor hot tub can be used outside down the road if you choose to move its location.

Now that the question of ‘can an indoor hot tub be used outside’ has been answered, you need to begin to weigh the pros and cons of indoor versus outdoor hot tubs to decide where you will be installing. Here is a checklist of important factors to consider.

Indoor Hot Tub Advantages

  • Having your hot tub inside your home can provide more privacy compared to outdoor ones, especially if you have an open view between your lawn and your neighbors.
  • The heat produced by the hot tub will help keep the room it is located in warm in the winter.
  • For those that dislike the cold and want to avoid trekking through the snow to take a soak, an indoor hot tub is ideal.
  • When inside your hot tub is in a climate-controlled environment. No need to soak in the rain, when it is really windy, or when it is too hot or too cold outside.

Indoor Hot Tub Disadvantages

  • You may not have a room large enough to accommodate an indoor hot tub and have to renovate or build an addition to your home.
  • Extra ventilation in the room where your hot tub is located is required. This can mean installing a ventilation system or at a minimum additional windows.
  • Humidity released into the air when the hot tub cover is removed.
  • Getting your hot tub delivered and into your desired location inside may be difficult.
  • The scent of the chemicals used in the hot tub may bother some people.

Outdoor Hot Tub Advantages

  • The fresh air outside provides a perfectly well-ventilated area.
  • Can be installed anywhere in your yard, provided you have a sturdy, flat surface such as a concrete slab.
  • Outside provides different seasons and scenery to enjoy – a soft snowy day, under the stars, gazing at fall leaves.
  • More space to enjoy with family and friends at gatherings or BBQ’s.

Outdoor Hot Tub Disadvantages

  • Extreme weather such as heavy rain or lightning may limit certain days of usage.
  • Can require more maintenance at times due to falling leaves, debris or dirt.
  • May feel exposed – can be less private in an open area where others may be able to see into your yard or overhear conversations.

No matter where you install your hot tub, you and your family will be able to take advantage of the numerous health benefits and improve your overall wellness as you relax.