How to Exercise in the Pool Without Swimming

How to Exercise in the Pool Without Swimming

Many people love to workout in a pool but not necessarily by swimming laps. Aquacise or aqua fitness is a growing trend and for good reason. It offers an exceptional workout that is low impact and easy on joints. While many people just simply do not have the space to install an inground swimming pool in their backyard, a swim spa is an alternative that can work in even the smallest of spaces. Equipped with a water current that allows users to swim in place without having to constantly turn around and do laps. Swim spas also are the perfect spot to perform aquatic fitness as the water depth is ideal for standing and there are a number of accessories available to diversify your workout routine. Here are some of the ways to exercise in the pool without swimming.


In a swim spa pool, you can perform a number of cardio exercises. From jogging or running on the spot to doing squats, lunges and bicycle kicks, many exercises typically are performed on land that can be adapted to the water. Because of the resistance that water provides, even a simple movement like clapping underwater can be more challenging and will quickly boost your cardio endurance.


There are a number of portable swim spa accessories designed to support your strength training workout. Lightweight and portable dumbbells and barbells (which are also waterproof) can be used to increase your strength and balance muscle groups. Waterproof resistance bands are also a great way to add versatility to your water workout to add to your strength training routine.


Other accessories like a rowing bar which can attach to your swim spa can help you increase power, speed and agility. All muscle groups can be effectively targeted in a swim spa, essentially it is an aquatic workout center but in the comfort of your own backyard. Aqua yoga and other flexibility exercises are also popular.

Weight Loss

Exercising in your swim spa can help support your weight loss goals. While you can get a great cardio workout from using the swim current, by alternating with the other forms of exercise mentioned, you can create a well rounded workout that builds muscle as well as sheds calories.

Because water workouts are easier on joints and low impact, if you suffer from arthritis, a sports injury or other conditions, you can still remain active. The buoyancy of the water drastically reduces the impact that water exercise has on your body. For example, someone that normally would not be able to run on a treadmill may find it easier to run in a swim spa.