Can You Swim Laps in a 30 Foot Pool?

Can You Swim Laps in a 30 Foot Pool?

If you are looking to get a great workout and swim laps in your very own backyard pool, you’ll probably start thinking about what size pool you need. For swimming laps, ideally, you would want a pool with a significant length. If your outdoor space is small, you may be wondering if you can swim laps in a 30-foot pool. While it is possible to accommodate exercising with this size, it can be less desirable from the constant turning around when swimming laps.

While there is no right size for the length of a backyard swimming pool, you do want it to be spacious enough to be comfortable. As a reference point, pools used for competitive swimming are typically between 82 to 164 feet. If you are looking to get the best workout possible with a space-saving design, there is another solution, which is a swim spa.

What is a Swim Spa?

A swim spa looks similar to a hot tub, however, is essentially a hot tub, pool and aquatic fitness centre merged in one. They have a water propulsion system that creates a current that you can swim against. Similar to a treadmill, the current can be adjusted to customize the difficulty level. By swimming in place, you can receive a superior workout without constantly having to stop when you reach the pool wall and turn around.

Swim spas are fantastic for those looking for a low-impact workout as swimming against the current can build strength, endurance and deliver a fantastic cardio workout. As the current is adjustable, swim spas are suited for complete fitness beginners to advanced athletes. There are also a number of accessories such as resistance cords and rowing bars which can be used for strength training and toning options.

Year-Round Convenience

As swim spas are compact and the water is heated, they can be used year round, even if there is plenty of snow outside and freezing temperatures. This can make them a much better investment, compared to a small 30-foot lap pool as they can be used in every season and type of weather.


An added benefit of owning a swim spa is that most also function as a hot tub as well. Many models feature a split design, where one end contains hydrotherapy seating and has targeted massage programs available as well as higher water temperature. With split designs, the swim chamber temperature can still be kept at a cooler temperature so people can relax and soak in one end while someone is working out in the other.

The versatility is particularly attractive for families with children. Swim spas are the perfect place to teach children how to swim and about water safety. As they get older, swim spas are a great way for them to have fun and remain active. The hydrotherapy seating and soothing, bubbling jets are a perfect place to spend some quality family time together.


In addition to being a pool and workout centre, swim spas offer the best of both relaxation and rehabilitation. Whether your joints are tight, you have sore muscles or are recovering from a sports injury, just simply soak to soothe minor aches and pains and relax after your workout – all from the comfort of your home.