How Do Outdoor Hot Tubs Work?

How Do Outdoor Hot Tubs Work?

If you have just started considering the idea of purchasing a hot tub, you might be wondering how do outdoor hot tubs work? Plenty of landscaping magazines and Instagram posts show pictures of outdoor hot tubs surrounded by lush landscaping, but how is everything connected? In the article below, we will explain how outdoor hot tubs work.

Self-Contained Hot Tubs

Outdoor hot tubs are portable, self-contained units which mean that no additional plumbing is required to set up in your backyard. They do require a GFCI certified electrical hookup, which you may have to install. To keep electrical cords neat and out of sight, many people may dig in ground and bury if the hot tub is located further away from the home. An outdoor hot tub can be filled with a water hose, so provided that you have water access and a long garden hose you can easily fill and drain the tub.

While there can be some mechanical differences between hot tub makes and models, for the most part the standard components are the same. The six areas and parts below are what make an outdoor hot tub work.

The Shell

The shell of a hot tub is made to contain the water in addition to featuring the jet mounting points and the molding of the hot tub seats. Shells are usually made from acrylic and reinforced with a fibreglass or dense polyurethane foam to strengthen and protect the shell.

The Cabinet

The hot tub’s cabinet is what provides structural support for the shell and equipment as well as conceals the equipment for an aesthetically pleasing look. Simply put, the cabinet is what makes an outdoor hot tub ‘self-contained’ as it houses the heaters, pumps and plumbing. The cabinet will have a door so that the equipment can be accessed and serviced when needed. Common cabinet finishes are polymer and wood.

The Water Jets

The pump pulls air through each water jet with venturi action and this is what generates the stream of pressurized, bubbly water. When the pressurized water stream comes in contact with your body, it massages the skin, eliminating sore or painful muscles.

Hot tub jets are basically nozzles that draw air in through their valves, causing a venturi that causes a suction motion, allowing air bubbles to be formed. In quality hot tubs, many jets will be connected to more than one valve to allow you to customize your massage programs and the water pressure.

The Pump

The pump (or pumps) are what cause the water to circulate through the hot tub. It is responsible for filtering and operating the water jets. If the hot tub just has one pump, it will have controls for different speeds, the low speed is used for filtering water and the high speed is for powering the water jets.

The Heater and Controller

The heater and controller are often combined into a single unit called a spa pack. The controller is responsible for powering the jets, heater and filter. As the water gets circulated throughout the hot tub, it is heated by the heating element.

The Filter

The hot tub filter, or sanitization system in addition with the water chemicals, is essential for keeping the water clean and sanitary. There are usually several filters in a hot tub, and they do need to be cleaned regularly and replaced every so often. Filters are often near the top of a hot tub, screwed into the wall, along with a strainer or skimmer.