How Do Hot Tub Jets Actually Work?

How Do Hot Tub Jets Actually Work?

When thinking about hot tubs, almost immediately the image of warm, bubbly water comes to mind. Hot tub jets are the key component for delivering a soothing and therapeutic massage experience that hot tubs are so famous for. But not all hot tub jets are created equal or work the same. In the article below, we will explain how do hot tub jets actually work and when shopping for a hot tub what to look out for.

How Jets Work

A hot tub will have a number of jets with different sized valves which are responsible for controlling how much water flows throughout the hot tub. Typically, there will be several large diverter valves that can move large amounts of water to the smaller, therapeutic valves being used for hydrotherapy massage. These are called air venturi valves and they work by forcing air into the water stream, which is what creates those wonderful little bubbles.

Hydropool hot tubs feature an innovative kind of non-bearing jets, which have the highest flow rate grade currently on the market. Called the Hydroflow jet collection, by not having bearings, these jets are resistant to clogging, corrosion and have a long lifespan. Hydropool hot tubs also use a unique zoned jetting system where strategically placed jets are used in each seat so that each zone targets a specific area of the body. The touch screen programming allows bathers to also customizable their hydrotherapy massage program by choosing features like how the strong the water stream will be. As an example, to target back pain, the zone that focuses on the upper and lower back tension, the spine, dorsal muscles, trapezius muscles, as well as lumbar region can be selected and customized for pressure if needed.

What Powers the Jets?

Hot tub jets make the water bubble and stream but not entirely on their own. In fact, it is the pump and plumbing system that is responsible for delivering a constant, reliable water flow rate to the water jets. With Hydropool hot tubs, the pumps are specifically designed to create an exceptional flow rate as well as being highly energy efficient. By carefully designing the plumbing system, it has also been placed closer to the other components to decrease the flow distance from suction to pump, and from the pump out to the jets. When that heated water reaches the hot tub jets and is mixed with air, the bubbly stream of water and the soothing massage begins.

What to Look for in Hot Tub Jets

There is a common misconception that the more jets a hot tub has, the better it is. The truth is that the best hot tubs will have the most powerful and effective jets instead. Look for a hot tub that has customizable water programs and will allow you to adjust the volume, water flow, water pressure, and water streams. Look for different sized and styles of jets, to ensure that you will receive a satisfying full body massage.

When shopping for a hot tub it is essential that you do a wet test before buying. This is when the dealer will fill the hot tub with water so that you can try it out for yourself. Experiencing how the jets and massage programs feel will ensure that you get a hot tub that you will be comfortable and satisfied with for years to come.