How Close Can a Hot Tub Be to My House?

While one of the major advantages of portable hot tubs is that they can be located almost anywhere, it is often recommended that they are placed close to an entrance of your home. There are a number of reasons why this makes sense, a major one being that in winter weather, not many people want to trek across a snowy yard to take a soak.

That being said, how close can a hot tub actually be to your house? Are there any guidelines that should be followed? Keep reading below to find out!

Location, Location

Having your hot tub close to your home has a few advantages. On snowy, freezing days, bathers don’t need to be exposed to the harsh elements walking to and from the hot tub. Winter aside, a short walk can be much easier after dark.

On a more practical note, having your hot tub close to your home is convenient for the electrical and water source requirements. Chances are, you have a water outlet or garden hose near one of the entrances to your home, making it a perfect spot for your hot tub.

What Is Too Close?

While technically you could plunk your hot tub directly outside of your door, there will be a point when your hot tub becomes too close to your home for comfort. Before choosing the location, carefully consider how much space is comfortably needed for people to come and go through your door without the hot tub interfering. Think about situations when groceries need to be carried in or oversized deliveries – will there be plenty of room to pass by the hot tub?

Also, consider it from the bathers perspective. Will it be relaxing taking a soak if the hot tub is located next to the main entrance of your home? If your family has a busy social life, this could mean a constant stream of friends, family and neighborhood children coming and going, which may feel disruptive or like an invasion of privacy.

Tips For Placing Near Home

With trying to balance privacy and convenience, most hot tub owners find that placing their spa in their backyard next to their home works best. Located near a backdoor makes it convenient for bathers and easy to bring items from inside (such as towels, drinks, waterproof games) to the hot tub. Having your spa a few feet away from the door provides plenty of walkway space and more privacy for soaking.

To boost up the privacy and seclusion level while still having the convenience of being placed near the home, consider building a gazebo or pergola to help create a spa-like oasis for your hot tub.

Other Considerations

Having your hot tub right next to the wall of your home is probably too close. The steam that comes from the water may seep into windows and water splashed from the tub may cause a slippery walkway.

A few feet away from your home and a few feet away from your walkway is typically the ideal combination. Garden hoses can easily reach to fill with water and come time to drain, the water can be directed away from the foundation of your home.