Are Hot Tubs a Lot of Work?

Many homeowners love the idea of having a hot tub in their backyard. However, the amount of maintenance individuals believe it involves often deters them from even considering it any further. On the other hand, times have changed and as a result, so have the construction of hot tubs. They are built to last, and the maintenance is less complicated. In fact, many models today are self-cleaning. 

For more information on whether having a hot tub requires a significant amount of work, continue reading below.

External Hot Tub Care

Despite what many people believe, maintaining a hot tub, especially its external components is not as difficult it appears. Many hot tubs are constructed of synthetic materials or acrylic which can be effortlessly sponged with mild detergent and rinsed with water.

Covering your hot tub when it is not in use also helps to keep the water clean. When uncovered, dirt and debris can easily blow into the spa. Your cover should also be wiped down every few weeks to keep any settled dirt from falling into the water as it is being moved on and off the hot tub.

Internal Care – Water, Filters, Drains & Refill

One of the most primary needs for a hot tub is keeping the water clean. If the water is not sterile, different bacteria and pathogens can populate causing the health and wellbeing of bathers entering the tub to be affected.

However, although it is an imperative task, it is certainly not a difficult one. Maintaining the cleanliness of the water involves adding an ideal amount of sanitizer to the water after it has been warmed up to a working temperature of 35-43 Celsius. Testing strips can be used to ensure that the correct amount of chemicals are used to balance out the hot tub water effectively.

As for the filters, rinsing them once a month and performing a deep clean periodically every few months is essential.  By implementing these maintenance recommendations, which generally take only 20-30 minutes per month, you can easily maintain the cleanliness of your spa.

Draining, cleaning and refilling the hot tub are tasks that can be performed a few times per year or more depending on how often it is used.  By removing water from the spa, this allows you to hose down the inner core of the tub and use a specific cleaning solution for washing inside. Once these tasks are completed, the spa can be refilled, reheated and the right chemicals can be added back to the water.

Are Hot Tubs Worth the Hassle?

Having a hot tub is not a hassle, but it depends on your lifestyle and how you plan on using it. If you anticipate using it daily as a part of your everyday routine for relaxing, leisure activities or any other reason, then having a hot tub and maintaining it usually isn’t viewed as a task. Instead, most hot tub owners find that it quickly becomes a part of their routine and that the benefits of having a hot tub make it well worth it.

Regardless of how it is viewed, it cannot be denied that having a hot tub can be beneficial. It can increase quality interaction with family and friends, as well as improve your health. Not a bad trade for a few minutes of weekly maintenance!