How are Hot Tubs Delivered?

Once you have purchased your hot tub, you will eagerly be anticipating the day that it is scheduled to arrive and be installed. Delivering a 500 plus pound hot tub not only requires installation professionals but preparation on your part as well. Below, we will discuss how hot tubs are delivered and what steps you should take beforehand to ensure a smooth installation.

Hot Tub Delivery

Hot tubs are delivered as a complete unit, just as how they look in the showroom. These require careful transportation and maneuvering. While the hot tub will arrive on a flatbed truck or trailer, it may be necessary to use a crane to lift over high walls or even your home to reach your installation location. Some factors that need to be considered are:

● Steps or uneven ground

● Width of gates or walkways

● Low roofs or guttering

● Objects protruding from walls (such as outdoor taps)

How to Prepare for Hot Tub Delivery

Before your hot tub arrives, make sure that you have prepared for the following:

Water Supply

Hydropool hot tubs do not require a permanent water supply, however, it will necessary to have access to a non-softened water supply and hosepipe within reach to be able to fill your tub. The hosepipe is also used to empty the water from your hot tub when needed via the bottom drain. Having an accessible drain to direct the water when emptying your hot tub is also useful – they hold a lot of water!


It is essential that your hot tub has a solid foundation to properly support not only the hot tub weight but also the water in it and weight of the bathers. If your hot tub is installed on an inadequate foundation, it can shift which can cause stress to the shell, eventually leading to cracking and damage. If the damage is caused by having your hot tub on an improper foundation, most warranties will not cover it.

If you are planning on installing your hot tub on a deck or elevated structure such as a gazebo, it is imperative to consult a structural engineer to ensure that your location can support the extremely heavy weight of the filled tub.


When choosing your location, make sure that you can easily access the hot tubs side panels and equipment compartment. Also, ensure that you do not place your hot tub within 3 metres of any overhead power lines.

Final Delivery Inspection

Before your delivery date arrives, double check the measurements of your hot tub and also measure all gates and paths along the delivery route between where the truck will be parked and the installation location. If necessary, you may need to temporarily remove gates or parts of fencing to allow for an unobstructed delivery path.

Once your hot tub has been delivered, installed and filled with water, it will be ready to enjoy! It is important to read your owner’s manual to familiarize yourself with your hot tub and to understand all safety features. To learn more about Hydropool hot tubs and installation, download a hot tub buyers guide from out main page.