Teach your children to swim at home with your very own swim spa

Teach your children to swim at home with your very own swim spa

Learning to swim can sometimes be a rite of passage, even for kids today our digitally dominant world. However, getting into the water for the first time can be frightening and unsettling, it’s also something that your children may not want to do again if it’s not handled with care. Teaching your children to swim at home with your own Swim Spa puts the entire situation in your control. If you want to have confidence raising children who are happy and safe around water, then it’s a great option.

Why teach your kids to swim with a Swim Spa?

Health & safety

Drowning is the biggest cause of accidental death in children under 5. While unsettling, this number shows why it’s so important to teach children how to swim as early as possible. Once the skill has been learned, your children can look after themselves and possibly others around water, and you can rest easy knowing that you’ve done all you can to avoid any unfortunate accidents.

Learning skills early

There’s plenty of research that suggests the skills we pick up at an early age tend to be the ones we excel at in adulthood. So, whether you’re looking to encourage a champion swimmer in the family – or you just want your children to be comfortable around water – the earlier they are taught to swim, the better. A swim spa at home makes this a much easier task for everyone involved.


Swimming is a fantastic workout, it is a great cardiovascular exercise and can help with weight management and strength. It’s also a very useful activity for teaching coordination and tends to help support the development of the five senses. If you’re looking to get your children into good fitness habits – and ones that they will enjoy – then a Swim Spa at home is an easy way to do it.

Mental health

Regular exercise has been proven to have a positive impact on mental health. It can relieve stress and help increase the quality of sleep, as well as boosting memory and maintaining a positive mood. Encouraging children to incorporate regular exercise into daily routines starts good habits that will benefit them in the future. The benefits of exercise such as swimming should not be underestimated, regular sessions can have a very positive impact on depression, anxiety, ADHD.

There are many benefits to getting children into the water and swimming as early as possible in life. However, it’s not always that simple if you’re trying to use a public pool. A swim spa at home means you don’t have to travel, organize schedules or pack up the car. You have anytime access to your own water where you can teach your children to swim as early as you want to. And when they’re not having lessons, the water provides plenty of fun times too.