Zorra Cover Care Guide

How to Clean and Condition a Hot Tub Cover

Start with a dry spa cover, use a soft towel if it’s been raining. We have products that are specifically meant for use with spa covers, but you can use other vinyl cleaner products as well. Just wipe it on the surface, and use a soft cloth to remove any excess. Apply more on seams or low spots that puddle water. It’s quick and easy to apply to both the top and the sides – but don’t use it on the inside of the spa cover.

Spa Cover Renew is our most economical spa cover cleaner and protectant. Squeeze it out onto a sponge and the cream soaks into the vinyl cover. High level of UV protection – it’s like sunscreen for your spa cover!

Without first cleaning the spa cover, the absorption of the protectant is limited, and protection is reduced. If a protectant is not used after cleaning your spa cover, you may be amazed at how fast your spa cover gets dirty again. This is because cleaning your spa cover “opens up the pores” of the vinyl, much like your skin, and dirt can gain a quick foothold if not sealed up again with a bit of vinyl protection.

How to Clean the Underside of your Spa Cover

Normally, the underside of your spa cover should not need cleaning, but if you notice a moldy, musty smell, or see dirt or discoloration on the surface. So, here’s a trick from an old hot tubber.

Remove the cover from the spa, and lay out flat upside down. Fill a small spray bottle with a 10:1 solution of water and bleach, or simply a 10% solution. After spraying the plastic undersides, hose clean with fresh water.

Don’t use household cleaning chemicals on your spa cover – you may add phosphates or detergents to the spa which can contaminate the water and give you problems with algae, foaming, or both. Some cleansers can even be harmful to spa users, if it gets into the spa water.

Hot Tub Cover Maintenance

Other than cleaning and conditioning your hot tub cover every 3 months or so, there aren’t usually any maintenance or repairs needed using a Cover Lifter makes a big difference. Here’s a few tips if you have problems with your cover.

  • – Small tears to the plastic lining under the cover should be taped or patched to keep moisture out immediately. Spa cover handles or straps can be sewn on again with an awl, or stapled with stainless steel staples.
  • – Tears or rips in your vinyl cover material can be patched with an automotive “liquid vinyl” kit.
  • – Unzip the bags and remove the foams. These are wrapped in poly so check and repair with Red Tuck tape if necessary. If water gets in they will get heavy and need to be replaced. Flip the foams over before you reinstall them. This keeps the water from pooling on top of your cover.
  • – Using a Spa Cover Cap can add years of life to your spa cover, and reduce the need for cleaning.