Will a Hot Tub Help Arthritis?

One of the most common forms of joint pain that has been estimated to affect almost 25% of adults in North America alone, is arthritis. While many people often associate arthritis as a condition that only afflicts the elderly, there are many young adults that suffer from joint swelling, a restricted lifestyle or even severe pain as a result of having rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis.

As with any type of joint condition or chronic pain, it can be difficult to find effective treatment and symptom relief. For arthritis, one treatment which has consistently been recommended is the use of hot tubs and hydrotherapy. A huge advantage of using hot tubs for arthritis treatment is that soaking in the warm bubbly water has no negative side effects, unlike common prescription medication that is used for the condition.

In the article below, we will take a look at how a hot tub helps arthritis.

How Hot Tubs Help Arthritis

Hydrotherapy, which is the use of water to treat pain, diseases and improve overall health has been around for thousands of years. Just soaking in the warm water of a hot tub can help alleviate joint stiffness as well as provide a suitable environment to stretch or even exercise.

The warm water of a hot tub increases the circulation in our body and the buoyancy of the water helps our body to feel weightless while taking the pressure off our joints and muscles. With a Hydropool hot tub, our advanced water jet system and custom massage programs can be used to target specific areas of the body with hydromassage for those that are suffering from the symptoms of arthritis.

Hot Tub Exercises for Arthritis

Spending time soaking in a hot tub will not only help soothe the aches and pains of arthritis but will also loosen the joints and allow for increased mobility. This is the perfect environment for those that suffer from arthritis to perform gentle stretches and exercises to increase flexibility and tone muscles.

Many individuals that suffer from arthritis find the mornings to be particularly problematic. Taking a soak in a hot tub immediately after waking up is a helpful way to ease stiff joints and soothe sore muscles.

There are a number of exercises that are recommended for arthritis sufferers which can be performed in a hot tub. Some include water walking, bicycle kicks, leg lifts and leg curls. It is important to remember that you should consult your doctor or physiotherapist before starting a new exercise routine. If you find it difficult at first to keep your balance, you can use a flotation belt for exercises such as water walking and hold onto the side of the hot tub while performing leg movements.

What Else is Hydrotherapy Good For?

In addition to arthritis, hydrotherapy has been known to treat a number of other conditions and ailments. The four major benefits of hydrotherapy are stress reduction, pain relief, detoxification and improvement of the immune system.

People that suffer from joint pain, recovering from sports injuries, have difficulty sleeping or have symptoms of anxiety have all successfully used hot tubs and hydrotherapy to help relieve their conditions. To learn more about how hydrotherapy massage works, download a hot tub buyer’s guide.