What Temperature Should a Hot Tub Be?

With all the different models and unique hot tub features available on the market today, there is plenty of variety and options for everyone. However, one factor remains consistent among all hot tubs and that is the warm, relaxing water that they are known for, which helps soothe the body and mind. That being said, there are certain guidelines for what temperature the water in a hot tub should be to ensure a safe bathing experience.

As a general range, a safe hot tub temperature is usually considered between 95-104 degrees.  In the article below, we will review what temperature a hot tub should be as well as what factors can influence changing the temperature.

Consider Weather Conditions

Hot tubs can most certainly be enjoyed on warm sunny days; however, you do need to keep the water temperature in mind. With the sun out and a high-water temperature, your body can become dehydrated quickly and overheat. To have a more refreshing soak, reduce the water temperature in your hot tub to 85-95 degrees, which will feel nice and refreshing under the blazing sun.

What Hot Tub Water Temperature for Adults?

For a healthy adult, a water temperature of 100 degrees is recommended. This is a perfect temperature to enjoy the relaxing benefits of hydrotherapy and take a long soak. Although many hot tubs can reach a higher temperature, it is not recommended to ever exceed 104 degrees. Also, keep in mind that the hotter the water temperature, the shorter your soak should be.

What Hot Tub Water Temperature for Children?

Children are more sensitive to heat than adults are and therefore if using a hot tub, the temperature should be lowered. The recommended water temperature for when children are using a hot tub is 95 degrees and they should never soak for longer than 15 minutes. After their soak, make sure that they drink plenty of water to avoid becoming dehydrated.

Medical Conditions to Consider

Even if you consider yourself to be a healthy adult, there may be certain medications or conditions which can influence whether or not you can safely use a hot tub or what the temperature should be. Anyone that suffers from high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease or is taking certain medications, especially ones which can increase drowsiness should consult with their healthcare provider before using a hot tub. It is possible that with some adaptations or lowering the temperature, your doctor will give you the green light.

Other Temperature Tips

Another interesting tip about hot tub water temperature is what to do when it is not in use. Many people assume that if they are not using their hot tub, they should lower the temperature and just increase it before they want to take a soak. For a well-made, insulated hot tub, this can actually cause more strain on the components and cost you more on your utility bill. Energy efficient hot tub models such as Hydropol are designed to trap and reuse heat waste to regulate water temperature and keep your utility bill low.

Now that you know what is the ideal hot tub temperature, download a hot tub buyer’s guide to learn more about the benefits becoming a hot tub owner will bring.