Snow On Your Hot Tub Cover?

A common question as winter begins to come is what do you do if you get snow piles on your Swim Spa or Hot Tub cover? The biggest fear people usually have is the weight from the snow, and if the cover can take it. The general rule of thumb for snow on the cover is if there is only a foot or so of snow, then the cover should have no problem supporting it, however, if you get to the two to three feet of snow, you should consider removing it.

As said above, there are different things to consider depending on the snow and type of cover you have. If you have solid type covers (most common) the best thing to do is simply let nature takes its course and let the snow melt over time, assuming it doesn’t get too deep.

If you must remove the snow, look into DIY ways to remove snow form your roof, it’s the same idea. Never use a shovel or other sharp tool, it can damage the cover and cause further problems.