How to open up your Hot Tub in the spring after having it winterized

How To Open Your Hot Tub After Having It Winterized

If you closed your hot tub up for the winter and had it winterized to prevent freezing, there are a few steps you should take to ensure that your tub operates at peak condition this spring.

Optional – Have a professional open your hot tub

Not everyone wants to go through the steps of opening a hot tub, having a certified hot tub technician open your hot tub can save time and headaches. Zorra offers services to both winterize and re-open a hot tub for the spring to keep your tub operating 100%.

#1 – Check plumbing unions & valves

Before putting any water in your tub it is good practice to check all of the plumbing unions to make sure they are tight. Check the unions around heater manifold, and pumps, as well as any knife valves or drain valves your tub to make sure that the tub is sealed and will allow proper flow of water.

#2 – Clean out any debris or anti-freeze

Before putting water in your tub, make sure to clean out any debris that may be in the footwell or the seats as its easier to do when the tub is dry. It also a good idea to take a wet rag and wipe down the seats to make the tub require less filtration to get to crystal clear water. If your hot tub was winterized you will need to flush the anti-freeze out of the system before you fill your hot tub with water. The easiest way to do this is spray down the seats and footwell with water, and spray water into each jet in the seats. Once the anti-freeze is out of the lines you will have to drain the water out before filling it back up. This will let your tub get back to crystal clear water in no time.

#3 – Check for air-locks in the plumbing

When filling your tub its always recommended to put your hose into the filter well to fill the plumbing first. In the event that an airlock occurs (the pumps turn on but there is no water flow) you will need to bleed air out of the plumbing. The easiest way to bleed a system is to pick the highest union on the pump and loosen it until air comes out, let the air come out until you start having water come out and finish by tightening the fitting. It also works if you remove the topside diverter control. WARNING: Make sure you only do this while the pump is not running, or you will get wet.