New Deck? Add a Hot Tub to Make It Complete

Deciding to build a new deck for your home is an exciting event, but one that requires a lot of planning and consideration. In addition to choosing location, size, and materials, how you choose to accessorize your deck and its overall purpose needs to be carefully planned to ensure that you create the outdoor space that you have dreamt of.

One fantastic opportunity that building a new deck creates is the ability to add a hot tub to make it complete. Below, we will highlight what major considerations need to be made when planning a deck as well as how to choose what type of hot tub to incorporate into it.

Why Build a Deck?

The first thing to consider when building a new deck is what you want its overall purpose to be. Is it a solution to extending your indoor living space or do you want a functional outdoor area to enjoy during the warm months of the year? Some of the more common reasons to build a deck can include:

● Dining

● Entertainment

● A hot tub and spa surround

● Gardening area

Choosing a Location

In most circumstances, the size of your property will determine where your deck will be built and the size. Often homeowners may only have one spot in their yard available, while others may be fortunate enough to have several choices. When considering the location for your deck, think about the following aspects:

● Lot size

● Privacy

● Wind

● Sun and shade

● Snow and Rain

● Proximity to the house

If you are lucky enough to have an area of your property with a stunning view, this can be an ideal place for your deck. While a new deck is always a wonderful addition to any home, one with a view is always better!

Add a Hot Tub

Nothing will make your new deck more enjoyable than adding a hot tub to it. Whether you want just a simple 2-3 person hot tub or a large on with an elaborate built-in spa area, you will enjoy the addition to your deck for years to come.

Often, when a deck has a hot tub, it becomes the focal point of the home and tends to be the area where guests, family, and friends will gather to socialize the most. There are so many ways that your deck spa can be accessorized and turned into a truly personalized and stunning oasis.

From adding a BBQ or outdoor kitchen area to an outdoor spa lounge with showers, patio furniture, and a towel/robe area, the options are endless.

One thing to make sure of is that you discuss your plans of adding a hot tub to your deck with your professional contractor. Hot tubs are heavy and once filled with water and people can reach over 5,000 pounds – which you want to make sure is properly supported. To check what specific weights and sizes out Hot Tubs are, have a look at our product page.