How to Choose an Energy Efficient Hot Tub

Once you have bought a hot tub, you want to be able to relax and enjoy its many benefits, not have a high monthly energy bill. A key factor in keeping your energy costs low is choosing an energy efficient hot tub. An energy efficient, well insulated hot tub will actually only cost between $1.00 – $1.50 per day to operate. In the article below, we will look at how insulation is a major part of energy efficiency in a hot tub, what to look for and the three ways a well-insulated hot tub will help you save on your energy costs.


In a hot tub, heat can escape from the water surface, floor, cabinets, and pipes. Early hot tub models used a foam insulation system that held heat but did not have the ability to retain or reuse it from the unit’s pipes and motor. Foam installation was also difficult to repair and service. If a leak occurred, the technician had to dig into the plumbing to be able to inspect the issue. The next Hydropool advancement was designing a perimeter insulation system that was built into the hot tub walls and trapped waste heat from the pipes. This was a major improvement as far as energy efficiency, but a lack of air flow could cause units to overheat.

Today’s Hydropool models contain a superior insulation system that is actually based on NASA’s heat-locking technology. It utilizes what is called a Triple Thermal Shield Technology which captures and redirects heat back into the hot tub to be reused, which uses less energy than producing new heat and saves money. By combining this technology with thick covers that trap cabinet waste heat along with thermal vents to prevent overheating, maximum energy efficiency is obtained.

Below are the three main reasons why insulation in a hot tub is so important for energy efficiency and why you should factor this into your purchasing decision.

Temperature Maintenance

A well-insulated hot tub will easily be able to maintain your ideal water temperature. Energy efficient models quickly heat and reuse their heat to keep the temperature consistent. When using a thick, 3 to 4-inch tapered cover, heat is trapped so efficiently that on hot days, additional heating is not required.

CEC Certified

When your hot tub is properly insulated, you are able to run it for less than what a cup of coffee costs per day. Hydropool’s leading technology that is paired with a durable, tapered cover, reuses trapped heat and provides excellent energy efficiency. Many of the models we carry are also certified by the CEC, meaning they are some of the most energy efficient hot tubs available.


Buying a hot tub is a big investment and one that you want to be performing optimally. Selecting a model that has proper insulation will ensure that your hot tub is functioning as designed and maintaining an ideal temperature.

One of the best parts about owning a hot tub is being able to jump in anytime you feel like it and the water be at the exact temperature that you prefer. With proper insulation, your hot tub will always be ready to enjoy and cost you less money to run.