How Many Jets Do I Need in My Hot Tub?

When you start comparing hot tub models, all of the facts and figures start to blend together. It sometimes feels like all the models are the same. To help differentiate models, many people start to focus on features that help them distinguish one model from another. Ultimately, many new hot tub buyers start to focus on the number of jets a hot tub has.

If you’ve reached the point in your hot tub research where you’re using jet count as a deciding factor, take a few minutes to read this article. Jet count might not be as important as you think!

Quantity Does Not Equal Quality

We hear this about nearly every product in our lives: quantity does not equal quality. The same goes for hot tubs. Most hot tub manufacturers are producing units with the same materials, processes, and components. After so many years like this, many units have started to look the same, making it even harder for first-time hot tub buyers to tell one model from another. One way hot tub manufacturers have tried to differentiate themselves is by adding more jets. However, an experienced hot tub buyer knows that just because a unit has more jets doesn’t mean it’s of better quality. Instead, buyers should focus on the manufacturers’ reputations, warranties, energy efficiency, and filtration systems.

Diminishing Returns

When you get to a point where a single hot tub seat has 20 jets, you have to ask yourself if those 20 jets are providing a better massage than a set of 5 or 10. Eventually, you’ll reach a point of diminishing returns for every added jet. You can get a better feel for just how many jets you personally need in each seat by wet testing a few hot tub models with varying numbers of jets.

Quality Over Quantity

When evaluating hot tubs, you should thoroughly research the reputations of all the manufacturers whose hot tubs you’re considering. Reputation and online reviews will reveal the quality of the product. This is particularly important with jets; a hot tub might have 20+ jets but if it doesn’t offer much variety in terms of the massage therapies it offers, then it’s likely not going to be a high-quality hot tub. If hydrotherapy is your focus, research hot tubs that have a reputation for producing quality hydrotherapy tubs.

Pay For What You Need

If a hot tub has tons of jets, it needs a high-powered pump to power those jets. That high-power pump needs a lot more energy than your standard hot tub pump. Understanding the costs associated with many hot tub jets will prevent you from being surprised down the road. As a compromise, consider purchasing a hot tub model that has a smaller number of powerful jets.

Final Thoughts

Instead of focusing on the number of jets a hot tub has, try focusing on the overall quality of the unit. Yes, jets are important to hydrotherapy but the jet count alone can be deceptive. Ask other hot tub owners what they think about their units and search online forums to help you make an informed decision. To learn more, download a hot tub buyer’s guide from our main page.