How Hot Tub Jets Work?

Hot tubs are well known for their soothing and bubbly water; however, many people have not placed much thought into what creates this relaxing experience – the hot tub jets. Simply put, hot tub jets are designed to push water into different directions to provide pressurized streams that focus on specific areas of your body. In the article below, we will explain exactly how this essential hot tub component works.

What Creates the Perfect Hot Tub Massage

While jets are an important part of a spa, they cannot deliver the perfect hot tub massage on their own. The pump and plumbing of a hot tub work with the jets to create targeted hydrotherapy massage treatment. With Hydropool spa models, the pumps are designed to produce an extremely efficient flow rate and the plumbing is strategically placed to decrease the water flow distance from suction to pump and from pump to jets. Once the water reaches the jets, a soothing, rejuvenating massage is delivered to the bathers in the hot tub.

How Do Hot Tub Jets Work?

Hot tub jets contain different sized valves that control and divert the flow of water to various areas within the hot tub. Large diverter valves are responsible for moving powerful, targeted water streams for therapeutic massage treatment. Smaller valves, which are commonly referred to as air venturi valves release a line of air into the water stream which is what creates the little air bubbles.

Hydropool hot tubs are known for their innovative non-bearing Hydroflow jet collection. These are designed to produce the best water flow rates in the industry and because the jets do not have bearings, their lifespan is significantly increased as corrosion and clogging will not occur. Another unique feature of Hydropool jet technology is the zoned jetting system. Jets are strategically placed within the hot tub to target specific areas of the body. There are 4 different zones that can focus on different areas of your body and the touch screen programming will let bathers know when they should move to the next seat or zone. The customizable programs let bathers choose how the hot tub jets will customize the water stream to deliver the exact massage their body needs. For example, if a bather had back pain, there would be a zoned massage program to target their spine, dorsal muscles, lumbar region, trapezius muscles, and upper/lower back tension.

Common Misconceptions About Hot Tub Jets

One common mistake that hot tub buyers make is assuming that the most powerful hot tub jets are the best. The truth is, the best hot tub jets are ones that can be customized to create the exact massage you need. Look for jets that have adjustable volume and water flow and different types of water stream pressure options. Another common mistake is assuming that the more jets a hot tub has, the better it is. While personal preference can influence the number of jets that a bather enjoys, the quality, therapeutic programs and customizable options of jets are more important than the actual number itself.

Testing How Hot Tub Jets Work

Purchasing a hot tub is a significant investment and it is important to make sure that you will be comfortable and satisfied with the massage programs and options. Before you decide to buy, ask your hot tub dealer for a wet test. This is where they will fill the hot tub with water so that you can experience for yourself how the hot tub jets work and if you find it comfortable.