Have you considered a self-cleaning Swim Spa?

If you’re exploring the idea of getting a hot tub or swim spa, have you thought about choosing one that is self-cleaning? This can be an added bonus and make owning your swim spa much more manageable.

Hot tub hygiene

There is a lot involved in keeping hot tubs clean and hygienic. Chlorine levels should be tested regularly, before each use for every hot tub to ensure that it is safe. However, standard hot tubs require even greater levels of care including using oxidising agents on a weekly basis, and also cleaning the filters thoroughly. As well as this, you’ll need scale remover if the water in your area is hard.

Ease of use

One of the major benefits of choosing a self-cleaning swim spa is that it makes maintenance much easier, particularly for new owners. Although you can establish a cleaning routine and learn which chemicals are necessary to use at specific intervals, not having to worry about these things makes having a swim spa a much more enjoyable experience.

Maximising relaxation time

Since you don’t have to clean the spa each time you use it, you can use your swim spa straight away each time you want to. The water is completely replaced every 45 minutes, meaning that the pool keeps itself clean while you relax and enjoy. So if you’ve decided to go for a swim, or relax in the hot tub with friends, you can do so straight away.

Clean and safe water

Water being replaced every 45 minutes helps to ensure the cleanest possible environment. If it is not treated properly or cleaned regularly, bacteria in water can present health risks to users. Self-cleaning spas take care of this problem to ensure that you are always swimming in clean, safe water.

Save money with self-cleaning spas

In the long run, from a financial perspective it can be great to have a self-cleaning swim spa too. Over time, you will save money that you would otherwise have had to spend on additional chemicals and time spent cleaning. This is why we offer self-cleaning swim spas – to remove hassle, save money, and increase enjoyment!

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