Can You Really Swim in A Swim Spa?

We’re often asked, “Can you really swim in a swim spa?”  The fact is, a swim spa is the best of both worlds.  It gives you a place to sit, relax and soak your body in warm massaging water, but it also gives you the ability to get some exercise while practicing your stroke.  A swim spa is basically a larger version of a hot tub with some exciting extra features.  Similar to a hot tub it has areas for sitting and jets that propel the water.  However, those jets (or other propulsion methods) can be used to create such a strong current that you’re able to swim against it while remaining in place.  For this reason, a swim spa has to be much larger than your average hot tub but still remains smaller than your average swimming pool.  In this article, we’ll go over some of the benefits of a swim spa.


As mentioned in the introduction, a swim spa has areas for sitting and relaxing similar to those found in a hot tub.  Typical benefits derived from relaxing in a swim spa include increased blood circulation, lowered blood pressure, stress reduction and relief of sore and aching muscles.  For those with joint problems, the buoyancy that water provides can bring pain relief as the weight is temporarily taken off the load bearing joints.  For some, soaking in a spa has been found to be beneficial to the skin as well.


Swimming is a very popular exercise because of the health benefits that come without high impact stress on the body.  Water’s buoyant properties reduce the force of gravity and allow people with weight issues or joint problems to exercise without adding physical stress.  Your cardiovascular rate is increased while you build up muscle strength and endurance.  With a swim spa, you’re able to customize the current strength to match your objectives.


Similar to swimming, running in water allows you to exercise your body without putting undue pressure on your joints such as your knees and ankles.  Water also provides a resistance that will increase with the amount of effort you expend.  By implementing the swim spa current you can effectively run in place while still trying to move forward.

Core Exercises

Utilizing the swim spa current you can really up your core exercise game.  Working against the current, exercises such as crunches and lunges can add an extra dimension to your abdominal workouts.  For even more resistance, try adding a medicine ball or flutter board into your routine.  Performing underwater exercises against the current while targeting your core can expand your routine and isolate hard to use muscles.


Having a swim spa allows you to reap the benefits of both a swimming pool and hot tub at a fraction of the cost while taking up nowhere near as much space.  No longer will you have to visit your local community centre or gym to get in both a workout and a relaxing soak.  Now you can do both in the privacy of your own property.  Unlike an outdoor swimming pool, you can use your swim spa all year round.  The smaller sized tank of the swim spa means it’s possible to keep the water heated throughout the year without breaking the bank.  You’ll find your workout and relaxation routines are much more convenient with your own swim spa.