Can I Turn My Hot Tub Off When Not in Use?

Can I Turn My Hot Tub Off When Not in Use?

The question of whether you can turn off your hot tub when not in use can be answered quite quickly. Yes, you can. However, there may quite a few variables that will influence when you should turn off your hot tub or whether you should leave it running. This article will go over the various factors to keep in mind when deciding whether to turn off your hot tub when it’s not in use.


All hot tubs have a filtration system onboard, the purpose of this system is to keep the water clean and safe to use. These systems will only work when the hot tub has power, so turning it off will stop the filtration system from working. The obvious drawback is the water may because unsafe to use if left off for too long.

Energy Costs

One reason you would want to turn off your hot tub when it’s not in use is to cut down on your energy costs. However, if the cost of energy is your only concern, it may not make sense to turn off the tub whenever it’s not in use. The energy used to bring a cold hot tub up to temperature can easily outweigh the amount of energy used to maintain it at a usable heat. If you plan to use your hot tub on a daily basis turning your hot tub off after every use may not be the most efficient use of electricity.


One way to reduce your energy bill is to lower the hot tub temperature by a degree or two. You may not notice the difference in the water’s temperature, but you will notice the difference in your energy bills. Small adjustments in temperature can make a major difference in energy consumption.

Off Peak Hours

If you live in an area where your energy company charges different rates during on or off peak or hours, it may make good sense to program the spa to only run the filtration and heating cycles during off peak hours. If you have a Hydropool and DreamMaker spa, then you can use these videos to help you program these cycles:

Insulated Covers

A good quality hot tub cover that’s fitted specifically for your tub may keep in enough heat to turn off your hot tub for short periods of time, but the cost of reheating the water may exceed any benefit of turning off the hot tub.


The amount of insulation your hot tub has will play a role in how much heat it retains. This not only includes insulation actually attached to the hot tub itself, but the insulating effects of the surrounding environment such as walls, fences or lines of foliage will also allow the water to retain heat better while the hot tub is turned off.

Cold Weather

If your area is prone to the temperature falling below freezing, you will want to keep your hot tub running to prevent the nightmare of frozen pipes and mechanicals. In times of cold weather when you’re not using the hot tub, it’s better to turn the temperature down rather than turning off the tub altogether. An exception to this is if you’re closing down the hot tub completely. If you’re planning on doing this, ensure it’s done properly to avoid any damage during cold weather.