Can a Hot Tub Help to Lower High Blood Pressure?

There are a lot of questions over whether or not Hot Tubs are good for individuals who have high blood pressure. There are just as many people who have this medical condition that would just love to enjoy a warm soak in tub, but are afraid to.

Many people believe that when someone first sits in a Hot Tub, their heart begins to work harder. This is a mechanism to get rid of the excess heat that the body is experiencing from the warmth of the water. While this is taking place, there is increased blood flow which increases the oxygen level throughout the user’s body. It is during this process that the initial blood pressure may rise temporarily, but the warmth causes the cells to dilate, which in turn decreases the heart resistance and the blood pressure begins to drop.

There really haven’t been a lot of reported studies conducted on the actual effects of the hot tub in relation to blood pressure. One recent study that was conducted included a group of individuals, with some being treated for high blood pressure which was stable, and some with no hypertensive issues. Their blood pressure was monitored prior to a ten minute session in a hot tub, then at intervals while in the hot tub, and immediately after. Neither group indicated any serious adverse symptoms in respect to their time in the hot tub. It was noted that each participant displayed a drop in blood pressure and an increased heart rate during the initial entry into the hot tub, with no adverse symptoms.

In general, health experts feel that hot tubs should not create any problems provided that the user’s hypertensive condition is under control. As with any medical condition, following the advice of your health care provider is the priority.

One thing to be very cautious about however, is not to switch back and forth between a cold water venue and then to the hot tub. This can create an increase in blood pressure.

If you are given the approval by your doctor to use a hot tub, you may find that it is beneficial in reducing your stress level as you learn to relax. Stress in itself can have an adverse effect on blood pressure, so this could improve your condition over time. So, take your time and enjoy your relaxing hot tub session.