Can Hot Tub Chemicals Be Stored Outside?

Ensuring that your hot tub is always ready to deliver a relaxing and satisfying soaking experience requires proper maintenance as well as a number of chemicals. In addition to caring for your hot tub, you also need to properly use and store hot tub supplies. In the case of chemicals in particular, if not stored properly, their shelf life can be drastically reduced or even worse, rendered useless.

As a hot tub owner you may have wondered ‘Can hot tub chemicals be stored outside’? There are actually a number of factors involved in properly storing and using your chemicals, not just temperature alone. In the article below, we will discuss exactly what you need to know about safely using and storing your supplies to ensure the best hot tub experience possible.

What Chemicals and Supplies Are Needed

It can be surprising to some just how many chemicals are needed for maintaining your hot tub’s water. With self-cleaning models, owners do not need to spend much time on maintenance, although their water will need to be tested and treated regularly. The must-have list of chemicals and supplies for your hot tub includes water test kits, filter cleaner, thermometer, spa shock, bromine tablets, pH balance and demineralizer.

Avoid Heat and Moisture

As with most other chemicals, hot tub chemicals can have sensitivity and react to both moisture and heat and need to be stored away from both. To ensure that they stay dry, pick a location that is dry year round and out of direct sunlight path. Sunlight is notorious for reducing the effectiveness of spa chemicals and if exposed long enough, rendering them useless. Keeping them in a container can help and it is also recommended to choose a waterproof container in case they are exposed to moisture.

It is also important to keep your chemicals out of extreme hot or cold temperatures. Ideally, the recommended temperature for storing chemicals is between 55 to 70 degrees fahrenheit. Depending on the climate you live in, this can mean bringing chemicals inside both during summer and winter to avoid overheating or freezing.

Safe Storage

Hot tub chemicals can be quite dangerous if accidentally ingested. It is essential to store them in a location where young children or pets cannot access. Using a container that is lockable is a great option if you do not have a dedicated lockable storage room or closet.

Recommended Storage Ideas

There are a few common recommendations for where you can store your hot tub chemicals safely and securely.

Closet – A lockable storage container can be stored on in a walk-in closet or mudroom. Even if your container is locked, it is preferable to place out of reach of children or pets on a shelf.

Locked Cabinet – One of the best options to consider is a locked cabinet inside your home. Secure and in a climate controlled environment, your supply cabinet can be placed near the door that has the closest access to your hot tub to make for easy access.

Hanging Rack – Is space is an issue? Consider using a hanging shoe rack to store your hot tub supplies and chemicals. These can easily be placed over a door, in a garage or hang from a wall in your shed.

If you are concerned about properly storing your chemicals, then it is probably best not to store them outside in the winter unless you have an insulated pool shed or garage space. Taking care of your chemicals and supplies will save you money in the long run and always ensure that your hot tub is ready for a soak.