Can a Swim Spa be Used as a Hot Tub?

Our hot tub dealers have often heard potential hot tub buyers ask, ‘Can a swim spa be used as a hot tub’ or ‘is a hot tub or swim spa better?’ While each of these spas has their own unique features and benefits, the answer is quite personal. Which one will suit you best ultimately depends on your lifestyle and needs.

In the article below, we will explain some of the advantages and differences between swim spas and hot tubs. But first, we will explain exactly what each one is. Swim spas are primarily designed for fitness, keeping you in place as you swim against a current of water. Hot tubs are geared more for relaxing, do not have a current but do have jets that swirl water around.

If you are torn between deciding which one to purchase, there a few questions that you need to ask yourself in order to make the right decision.


Where are you planning on putting your hot tub or swim spa? Are you planning to build a deck around it, place it on an existing structure or just put in your yard? Before deciding which to purchase, scout out your preferred location and measure. If you are planning on putting it on a deck, make sure that you consult a structural engineer to make sure that it can properly support the weight.

Knowing how much space you have to work with can help you determine what size spa you are able to purchase.


How will you use your spa? If you are fitness-minded, a swim spa is probably a better match due to its fitness and health benefits. If you are looking more for a relaxation outlet, a hot tub is probably the way to go. Choosing the one that matches your lifestyle needs the most will make sure that you get maximum enjoyment from your investment.

If you are torn between the two, a swim spa may be the better choice. This is because may swim spa models are designed with several seats with jets, similar to a hot tub.

This essentially makes it a swim spa and mini hot tub all in one. Plus, owning a swim spa is like having your own personal aquatic gym. If you hate the hassle of having to drive to the gym or run in cold weather, a swim spa is a perfect solution. Another major benefit is that exercising in a swim spa is low impact and easy on joints.


Hot tubs and swim spas have similar price points. Often buying a swim spa is a solution for those that do not want the price tag or hassle of installing a swimming pool. Different models have different features, so to accurately compare the costs make sure that you are looking at swim spas and hot tubs that have the exact features and seating capacity that you require.

While a hot tub cannot be used as a swim spa, part of a swim spa can be used as a hot tub. Therefore, if you are truly seeking the best of both worlds, a swim spa may be the perfect choice.