What’s Included With A Spa?

What Is Included?

At Zorra, we sell and service Hot Tubs and Swim Spas manufactured by Hydropool in their Mississauga facility, as well as DreamMaker in the USA. With a Spa from Zorra, you're making a commitment to health and wellness, as well as joining the Zorra family.

In order to maintain our high standards, being involved at every stage is crucial to our care of you and your spa.

Our Prices Include:

  • Your Hydropool or DreamMaker Spa
  • Standard Delivery
  • Accessory Kit (Cover & Cover Remover, 2 Tier Spa Step, Premium Water Care Kit, GFCI Breaker)
  • On-site Training

So when you buy from Zorra, we look after virtually everything for you – all you need to do is have a support pad prepared, have it wired, and fill it with water.

What You Get For Your Money

A Quality Spa

We only sell premium North American made spas, Hydropool is made in Mississagua Ontario, and DreamMaker in the USA. Hydropool is Canada's leader in Hot Tubs and Swim Spas, and DreamMaker offers the best value spa in the business. Zorra has been working with Hydropool since 2010, and DreamMaker since 2022, and we have been growing ever since.

First Class Customer Service

When you make a purchase at Zorra you get more than just the highest quality spa on the market. You have immediate access to our wealth of accumulated knowledge, experience and expertise in helping decide which model, set, or part, is best for you. Because your time is better spent doing what you enjoy with family and friends, the Zorra customer service team is always available for maintenance and servicing your product.

Delivery & On-Site Training

Delivery and on-site training are included in our pricing because we believe the installation of your spa is just as important as the spa itself. Here at Zorra we don't believe in curbside delivery, leave the heavy lifing to us!

Deliveries, installations, and service are the sole responsibilty of our service team – it’s their job to make sure your spa is up to the Zorra standard. They take your backyard spa ideas and make them into something dreams are made of!

Derek and Kaiden are our primary delivery and service team, but occasionally when we're busy our sales team consisting of brothers David and Nick need to get pressed into service for deliveries!


The integrity of who we are and what we stand for is truly demonstrated by how we look after you and your spa AFTER it has been delivered.

There are varying factors of how your Spa will behave over the years – water care is of course big one – there are elements of maintenance that you will be responsible for.

But with Zorra, you are not alone in this journey. We provide you with all the knowledge and expertise required to ensure your Spa lasts a lifetime. Your Hydropool Spa comes with a promise, and that is in essence; if you do your bit, we’ll do ours.

Look after your Spa as we ask and we will look after it too. Once you’re a Zorra Hot Tubber you’re with us for life!