Rollaway Swim Spa Covers

This next generation one-piece Swim Spa cover creates a complete seal on top of the Swim Spa, locking in the heat, lowering energy consumption and cost. The Rollaway Spa Cover design enables one person to roll the cover off the Swim Spa in less than 60 seconds, providing immediate access to the Swim Spa for swimming, aquatic fitness and hydrotherapy.

Durable waterproof and weatherproof fabric that is double stitched on all seams to ensure a tight secure bond and stitched X-pattern on all locking straps to keep your cover secure suring high winds. Exclusive triple thermal shield technology has 3 distinct insulated layers and 2 insulating air pockets.

Rollaway Swim Spa Cover

One-Person Operation

The Rollaway cover is easily rolled off of the Swim Spa with one person, no mechanical assistance required.

Rollaway Swim Spa Coverr

Integrated Cover Shelf

The integrated cover shelf supports the rolled up cover during use.

Rollaway Swim Spa Cover

Air Vents

Built in air vents prevent the cover from “ballooning” up while rolling, allowing faster and easier operation.

Rollaway Swim Spa Coverr

Spend More Time Using Your Swim Spa

To most Swim Spa owners, their least favourite part of their Swim Spa is wrangling traditional hard covers, the Rollaway cover lets you spend more time in your Swim Spa, and less time uncovering it.