• What Is a Hot Tub Disconnect?

    When buying a hot tub, you will probably come across models that have different types of electrical capacities.  There are 110-volt plug and play models and 220-volt models that require some electrical work to be carried out.  The main difference between the two is that a 110-volt model will plug into a regular electrical outlet […]

  • What Is a Hot Tub Cover Lifter?

    If you have been shopping for a hot tub, you may have heard about hot tub cover lifters and a number of other accessories. Wondering what is a hot tub cover lifter? Simply put, a hot tub cover lifter lets you quickly and easily take off and replace your hot tub cover. You may be […]

  • What Is Hot Tub Shock?

    If you have been looking into buying a hot tub, you have probably heard of the term ‘shocking your hot tub.’ While this may sound odd, or even dangerous, it is actually just a common part of routine hot tub maintenance in keeping your water sanitary and clean. If you have been wondering what is […]

  • What Are Hot Tubs Used For?

    When you think of a hot tub, do you just visualize an upscale hotel or million-dollar home where people have the luxury of soaking their day away? While not much else can compare to the super relaxing feeling that taking a dip in a hot tub or spa can bring, you probably have wondered at […]

  • Can You Put a Swim Spa in a Basement?

    If you are looking to install swim spa inside your home so that you have the perfect indoor aquatic workout spot, you may be wondering if you can put a swim spa in a basement. Often, basements can be one of the preferred locations within a home to install a swim spa, because they typically […]

  • How Is Hydrotherapy Effective?

    While it is fairly likely that you may have only heard of the term ‘hydrotherapy’ in recent years, this therapy has been used in a number of cultures across the globe since 5th century B.C. In fact, there have been notes found referencing hydrotherapy from famous physician Hippocrates. Hydrotherapy refers to any treatment that uses […]

  • What Is a Self-Cleaning Hot Tub?

    If you have ever wondered what a self-cleaning hot tub is, you are not the first! For anyone that has previously owned a hot tub or swim spa, the idea that a spa can completely take care of itself sounds too good to be true. So, can hot tubs actually clean themselves? Keep reading below […]

  • Why Are Swim Spas So Expensive?

    If you have been considering buying a swim spa, you may be wondering why there is such a difference in prices and why some swim spas are so expensive. For starters, there can be a major difference between brands, technology, and quality. Also, it isn’t just the price tag on the swim spa that you […]

  • Are Swim Spas Dangerous?

    If you are thinking about buying a swim spa you may have concerns about whether or not they are dangerous. A swim spa is a great way for the whole family to be active, spend quality time together and have fun. But like all other kinds of standing water areas, there can be some hazards involved. By […]

  • What Hot Tub Should I Get?

    Deciding what hot tub to get can seem a bit overwhelming at first. With so many brands, sizes, features, and accessories it can be difficult to know what exactly to look for if you are not familiar with hot tubs. Plus, what might be the best hot tub for your neighbour may not be the hot […]